Yasser Alrefaee
Yasser Alrefaee
Albaydha University,Yemen [جامعة البيضاء اليمن]
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Refusals among Yemeni EFL Learners: A Study of Negative Pragmatic Transfer and Its Relation to Proficiency
Y Alrefaee, N Al-Ghamdi
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The Role of Social Status in the Realization of Refusal Speech Act: A Cross-Cultural Study
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Refusals of Suggestions and Offers: An Interlanguage Pragmatic Study
Y Alrefaee
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A critical discourse analysis of the selected opposition and state printed media on the representation of southern mobility in Yemen
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Reviewer Acknowledgements
CM Compton, DA Compton, D Smith, E Jerves, E Mede, H Leung, I Khan, ...
Journal of Education and Training Studies 4 (6), 2016
Michael West’s General List Comparison With Yemeni Crescent Book words
IM Naji, YM Al-Refaee
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