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Tarnya Cox
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Flying foxes as carriers of pathogenic Leptospira species
TE Cox, LD Smythe, LKP Leung
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Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus 2 (RHDV2; GI. 2) is replacing endemic strains of RHDV in the Australian landscape within 18 months of its arrival
JE Mahar, RN Hall, D Peacock, J Kovaliski, M Piper, R Mourant, N Huang, ...
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Pest responses to odors from predators fed a diet of target species conspecifics and heterospecifics
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Distribution and prevalence of the Australian non-pathogenic rabbit calicivirus is correlated with rainfall and temperature
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The Australian public is still vulnerable to emerging virulent strains of West Nile virus
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Modeling the distribution of a wide‐ranging invasive species using the sampling efforts of expert and citizen scientists
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Manipulating resource use by goats with predator fecal odors
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Lethal biological control of rabbits–the most powerful tools for landscape-scale mitigation of rabbit impacts in Australia
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The role of rabbit and other invasive herbivore control in reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions
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Rollout of RHDV1 K5 in Australia: information guide
J Wishart, T Cox
PestSmart Toolkit publication. Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre …, 2016
Models of spatiotemporal variation in rabbit abundance reveal management hot spots for an invasive species
SC Brown, K Wells, E Roy‐Dufresne, S Campbell, B Cooke, T Cox, ...
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Wildlife conservation management on inhabited islands
BL Allen, TE Cox, PJS Fleming, PD Meek, JC Russell
Australasian Journal of Environmental Management 25 (1), 1-4, 2018
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