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ENDF/B-VII. 1 nuclear data for science and technology: cross sections, covariances, fission product yields and decay data
MB Chadwick, M Herman, P Obložinský, ME Dunn, Y Danon, AC Kahler, ...
Nuclear data sheets 112 (12), 2887-2996, 2011
Modern nuclear data evaluation with the TALYS code system
AJ Koning, D Rochman
Nuclear data sheets 113 (12), 2841-2934, 2012
ENDF/B-VIII. 0: The 8th major release of the nuclear reaction data library with CIELO-project cross sections, new standards and thermal scattering data
DA Brown, MB Chadwick, R Capote, AC Kahler, A Trkov, MW Herman, ...
Nuclear Data Sheets 148, 1-142, 2018
TENDL-2015: TALYS-based evaluated nuclear data library
AJ Koning, D Rochman, SC van der Marck, J Kopecky, JC Sublet, S Pomp, ...
Database available from http://www. talys. eu/tendl-2012, 2014
Towards sustainable nuclear energy: Putting nuclear physics to work
AJ Koning, D Rochman
Annals of Nuclear Energy 35 (11), 2024-2030, 2008
The CIELO collaboration: neutron reactions on 1H, 16O, 56Fe, 235,238 U, and 239Pu
MB Chadwick, E Dupont, E Bauge, A Blokhin, O Bouland, DA Brown, ...
Nuclear Data Sheets 118, 1-25, 2014
TENDL: complete nuclear data library for innovative nuclear science and technology
AJ Koning, D Rochman, JC Sublet, N Dzysiuk, M Fleming, ...
Nuclear Data Sheets 155, 1-55, 2019
Uncertainties for criticality-safety benchmarks and keff distributions
D Rochman, AJ Koning, SC van der Marck
Annals of Nuclear Energy 36 (6), 810-831, 2009
Efficient use of Monte Carlo: uncertainty propagation
D Rochman, W Zwermann, SC Marck, AJ Koning, H Sjöstrand, ...
Nuclear Science and Engineering 177 (3), 337-349, 2014
Methods and issues for the combined use of integral experiments and covariance data: results of a NEA international collaborative study
M Salvatores, G Palmiotti, G Aliberti, P Archier, C De Saint Jean, E Dupont, ...
Nuclear Data Sheets 118, 38-71, 2014
Neutron Multiplicity in the Fission of U 238 and U 235 with Neutrons up to 200 MeV
T Ethvignot, M Devlin, H Duarte, T Granier, RC Haight, B Morillon, ...
Physical review letters 94 (5), 052701, 2005
The European Activation File: EAF-2010 neutron-induced cross section library
JC Sublet, LW Packer, J Kopecky, RA Forrest, AJ Koning, DA Rochman
EASY documentation series, CCFE, 2010
Nuclear data uncertainty propagation: perturbation vs. Monte Carlo
D Rochman, AJ Koning, SC Van Der Marck, A Hogenbirk, CM Sciolla
Annals of Nuclear Energy 38 (5), 942-952, 2011
Prompt-fission-neutron average energy for 238U (n, f) from threshold to 200 MeV
T Ethvignot, M Devlin, R Drosg, T Granier, RC Haight, B Morillon, ...
Physics Letters B 575 (3-4), 221-228, 2003
Characteristics of a lead slowing-down spectrometer coupled to the LANSCE accelerator
D Rochman, RC Haight, JM O’Donnell, A Michaudon, SA Wender, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2005
The TENDL library: Hope, reality and future
D Rochman, AJ Koning, JC Sublet, M Fleming, E Bauge, S Hilaire, ...
EPJ web of conferences 146, 02006, 2017
Isotopic yields from the reaction 245Cm (nth, f) at the Lohengrin mass separator
D Rochman, H Faust, I Tsekhanovich, F Gönnenwein, F Storrer, ...
Nuclear Physics A 710 (1-2), 3-28, 2002
Super-asymmetric fission in the 245Cm (nth, f) reaction at the Lohengrin fission-fragment mass separator
D Rochman, I Tsekhanovich, F Gönnenwein, V Sokolov, F Storrer, ...
Nuclear Physics A 735 (1-2), 3-20, 2004
Nuclear data uncertainty propagation: Total Monte Carlo vs. covariances
D Rochman, AJ Koning, SC Van Der Marck, A Hogenbirk, D Van Veen
J. Korean Phys. 59 (2), 1236-1241, 2011
Uncertainty quantification for criticality problems using non-intrusive and adaptive polynomial chaos techniques
L Gilli, D Lathouwers, JL Kloosterman, T Van der Hagen, AJ Koning, ...
Annals of Nuclear Energy 56, 71-80, 2013
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