Bahrudin Udin
Bahrudin Udin
Faculty of Medicine Diponeoro University
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Ubiquitin-proteasome system impairment caused by a missense cardiac myosin-binding protein C mutation and associated with cardiac dysfunction in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
U Bahrudin, H Morisaki, T Morisaki, H Ninomiya, K Higaki, E Nanba, ...
Journal of molecular biology 384 (4), 896-907, 2008
Chemical chaperone therapy: chaperone effect on mutant enzyme and cellular pathophysiology in β‐galactosidase deficiency
K Higaki, L Li, U Bahrudin, S Okuzawa, A Takamuram, K Yamamoto, ...
Human mutation 32 (7), 843-852, 2011
Recurrent SARS-CoV-2 RNA positivity after COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis
M Azam, R Sulistiana, M Ratnawati, AI Fibriana, U Bahrudin, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-12, 2020
Impairment of ubiquitin–proteasome system by E334K cMyBPC modifies channel proteins, leading to electrophysiological dysfunction
U Bahrudin, K Morikawa, A Takeuchi, Y Kurata, J Miake, E Mizuta, ...
Journal of molecular biology 413 (4), 857-878, 2011
Identification, isolation and characterization of hcn4‐positive pacemaking cells derived from murine embryonic stem cells during cardiac differentiation
K Morikawa, U Bahrudin, J Miake, O Igawa, Y Kurata, Y Nakayama, ...
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Transcriptional activation of the anchoring protein SAP97 by heat shock factor (HSF)‐1 stabilizes Kv1.5 channels in HL‐1 cells
YK Ting, K Morikawa, Y Kurata, P Li, U Bahrudin, E Mizuta, M Kato, ...
British journal of pharmacology 162 (8), 1832-1842, 2011
Uric acid as a risk factor for chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease―Japanese guideline on the management of asymptomatic hyperuricemia―
I Hisatome, P Li, J Miake, F Taufiq, E Mahati, N Maharani, SB Utami, ...
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Effect of losartan and benzbromarone on the level of human urate transporter 1 mRNA
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Functional stabilization of Kv1. 5 protein by Hsp70 in mammalian cell lines
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Stabilizing effects of eicosapentaenoic acid on Kv1. 5 channel protein expressed in mammalian cells
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Hubungan antara intensitas aktivitas fisik dan kadar asam urat serum pada populasi sindrom metabolik
B Dayana, U Bahrudin
Jurnal Kedokteran Diponegoro 4 (4), 509-521, 2015
Changes of HCN gene expression and If currents in Nkx2. 5-positive cardiomyocytes derived from murine embryonic stem cells during differentiation
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Apoptosis induced by an uromodulin mutant C112Y and its suppression by topiroxostat
SB Utami, E Mahati, P Li, N Maharani, N Ikeda, U Bahrudin, C Munemura, ...
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Optimization On Subcritical Fluid Extraction Of Zingiberene
V Paramita
Journal of Vocational Studies on Applied Research, 2019
Inhibition of β-adrenergic signaling by intracellular AMP is independent of cell-surface adenosine receptors in rat cardiac cells
K Ogura, J Miake, N Sasaki, C Iwai, U Bahrudin, P Li, M Kato, K IItsuka, ...
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Delayed onset of beating and decreased expression of T-type Ca2+ channel in mouse ES cell-derived cardiocytes carrying human chromosome 21
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Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio and exercise intensity are associated with cardiac-troponin levels after prolonged cycling: the Indonesian North Coast and Tour de Borobudur 2017 …
M Azam, E Setyaningsih, SR Rahayu, AI Fibriana, B Setianto, ...
Sport Sciences for Health 15 (3), 585-593, 2019
Optimization of PCR Condition: The First Study of High Resolution Melting Technique for Screening of APOA1 Variance
H Wahyuningsih, FK Cayami, U Bahrudin, MA Sobirin, FEP Mundhofir, ...
Yonago Acta Medica 60 (1), 24, 2017
Simultaneous treatment with azelnidipine and olmesartan inhibits apoptosis of hl-1 cardiac myocytes expressing e334k cmybpc
U Bahrudin, N Ikeda, SB Utami, N Maharani, K Morikawa, P Li, MA Sobirin, ...
Drug research 63 (10), 515-520, 2013
Electrophysiological properties of prion-positive cardiac progenitors derived from murine embryonic stem cells
H Fujii, Y Ikeuchi, Y Kurata, N Ikeda, U Bahrudin, P Li, Y Nakayama, ...
Circulation Journal 76 (12), 2875-2883, 2012
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