Bassam Khuwaileh
Bassam Khuwaileh
University of Sharjah, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Department
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User guidelines and best practices for casl vuq analysis using dakota
BM Adams, K Coleman, LN Gilkey, N Gordon, R Hooper, BA Khuwaileh, ...
Los Alamos National Lab.(LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States), 2017
Scalable Methods for Uncertainty Quantification, Data Assimilation and Target Accuracy Assessment for Multi-Physics Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors.
BAA Khuwaileh
Gradient-free construction of active subspaces for dimension reduction in complex models with applications to neutronics
KD Coleman, A Lewis, RC Smith, B Williams, M Morris, B Khuwaileh
SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification 7 (1), 117-142, 2019
Subspace methods for multi-physics reduced order modeling in nuclear engineering applications
BA Khuwaileh, JM Hite, HS Abdel-Khalik
A novel integrated direct absorption self-storage solar collector
MA Al-Nimr, B Khuwaileh, M Alata
International journal of green energy 8 (6), 618-630, 2011
Prediction of neutron energy spectrum in a typical MTR type research reactor using Monte Carlo simulations
SR Malkawi, B Khuwaileh, M Al-Momani
Annals of Nuclear Energy 56, 17-22, 2013
Surrogate based model calibration for pressurized water reactor physics calculations
BA Khuwaileh, PJ Turinsky
Nuclear Engineering and Technology 49 (6), 1219-1225, 2017
Methods development and application of Uncertainty Quantification & Data Assimilation for Multi-Physics Simulations
P Turinsky, B Khuwaileh
Consortium for Advanced Simulation of LWRs Report, 2018
Subspace-based inverse uncertainty quantification for nuclear data assessment
BA Khuwaileh, HS Abdel-Khalik
Nuclear Data Sheets 123, 57-61, 2015
Efficient subspace construction for reduced order modeling in reactor analysis
BA Khuwaileh, C Wang, Y Bang, HS Abdel-Khalik
Integral Benchmark Experiments in the Inverse Sensitivity/Uncertainty Computations
G Arbanas, BA Khuwaileh, M Williams, LC Leal, ME Dunn, ...
Trans. Am. Nucl. Soc. 109, 808, 2013
On the performance of nanofluids in APR 1400 PLUS7 assembly: Neutronics
BA Khuwaileh, FI Al-Hamadi, D Hartanto, Z Said, M Ali
Annals of Nuclear Energy 144, 107508, 2020
Verification of reduced order modeling based uncertainty/sensitivity estimator (ROMUSE)
B Khuwaileh, B Williams, P Turinsky, D Hartanto
Nuclear Engineering and Technology 51 (4), 968-976, 2019
On the over-conservatism of the 5% depletion uncertainty rule in spent fuel criticality analyses
WA Metwally, AS Alawad, BA Khuwaileh
Annals of Nuclear Energy 125, 1-11, 2019
Uncertainty Quantification Analysis Using VERA-CS for a PWR Fuel Assembly with Depletion
BA Khuwaileh, R Hooper, PJ Turinsky, VA Mousseau
CASL-I-2015-0328-000, 2015
Advancing inverse sensitivity/uncertainty methods for nuclear fuel cycle applications
G Arbanas, ML Williams, LC Leal, ME Dunn, BA Khuwaileh, C Wang, ...
Nuclear Data Sheets 123, 51-56, 2015
The Effect of Implicit Self-Shielding on the Inverse Sensitivity/Uncertainty Method for Thermal Reactors
BA Khuwaileh, G Arbanas, ML Williams, LC Leal, H Abdel-Khalik, ...
Oak Ridge National Lab.(ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States), 2013
Performance of Nano-fluids as Coolants/Moderator in APR1400 –Neutronics Case Study
F Alhamadi, R Sadek, A Abdalla, Z Said, B Khuwaileh
Transactions of American Nuclear Society 120 (1), 524-527, 2019
Model Verification via Principal Component Analysis
BA Khuwaileh
Transactions of American Nuclear Society 118, 467-469, 2018
ROMUSE 2.0 User Manual
B Khuwaileh, P Turinsky, BJ Williams
Los Alamos National Lab.(LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States), 2016
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