Manfred Helm
Manfred Helm
Institute Director at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, and Professor of Physics, TU Dresden
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Room temperature ferromagnetism in ZnO films due to defects
Q Xu, H Schmidt, S Zhou, K Potzger, M Helm, H Hochmuth, M Lorenz, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (8), 082508, 2008
High-intensity terahertz radiation from a microstructured large-area photoconductor
A Dreyhaupt, S Winnerl, T Dekorsy, M Helm
Applied Physics Letters 86 (12), 121114, 2005
Intersubband emission from semiconductor superlattices excited by sequential resonant tunneling
M Helm, P England, E Colas, F DeRosa, SJ Allen Jr
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Carrier relaxation in epitaxial graphene photoexcited near the Dirac point
S Winnerl, M Orlita, P Plochocka, P Kossacki, M Potemski, T Winzer, ...
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Crystallographically oriented Co and Ni nanocrystals inside ZnO formed by ion implantation and postannealing
S Zhou, K Potzger, J Von Borany, R Grötzschel, W Skorupa, M Helm, ...
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Origin of magnetic moments in defective TiO 2 single crystals
S Zhou, E Čižmár, K Potzger, M Krause, G Talut, M Helm, J Fassbender, ...
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Ultrafast graphene-based broadband THz detector
M Mittendorff, S Winnerl, J Kamann, J Eroms, D Weiss, H Schneider, ...
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M Beck, H Schäfer, G Klatt, J Demsar, S Winnerl, M Helm, T Dekorsy
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Direct observation of the LO phonon bottleneck in wide GaAs/ As quantum wells
BN Murdin, W Heiss, C Langerak, SC Lee, I Galbraith, G Strasser, ...
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Structural and magnetic properties of Mn-implanted Si
S Zhou, K Potzger, G Zhang, A Mücklich, F Eichhorn, N Schell, ...
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The basic physics of intersubband transitions
M Helm
Semiconductors and semimetals 62, 1-99, 1999
Observation of the intraexciton Autler-Townes effect in GaAs/AlGaAs semiconductor quantum wells
M Wagner, H Schneider, D Stehr, S Winnerl, AM Andrews, S Schartner, ...
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Infrared spectroscopy and transport of electrons in semiconductor superlattices
M Helm
Semiconductor science and technology 10 (5), 557, 1995
Hole energy levels and intersubband absorption in modulation-doped Si/Si 1− x Ge x multiple quantum wells
T Fromherz, E Koppensteiner, M Helm, G Bauer, JF Nützel, G Abstreiter
Physical Review B 50 (20), 15073, 1994
Far-infrared spectroscopy of minibands and confined donors in GaAs/Al x Ga 1− x As superlattices
M Helm, FM Peeters, F DeRosa, E Colas, JP Harbison, LT Florez
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Nonvolatile bipolar resistive switching in Au/BiFeO3/Pt
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Observation of grating‐induced intersubband emission from GaAs/AlGaAs superlattices
M Helm, E Colas, P England, F DeRosa, SJ Allen Jr
Applied physics letters 53 (18), 1714-1716, 1988
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