Jen-Huang Huang
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Immunization with virus-like particles of enterovirus 71 elicits potent immune responses and protects mice against lethal challenge
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Tyrosine-derived stimuli responsive, fluorescent amino acids
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Microfluidic channel optimization to improve hydrodynamic dissociation of cell aggregates and tissue
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Advances and challenges in recapitulating human pulmonary systems: at the cusp of biology and materials
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Embedding synthetic microvascular networks in poly (lactic acid) substrates with rounded cross-sections for cell culture applications
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Development of a novel hanging drop platform for engineering controllable 3D microenvironments
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High-throughput phenotyping of cell-to-cell interactions in gel microdroplet pico-cultures
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Multistep fluidic control network toward the automated generation of organ-on-a-chip
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Fabrication of flexible thin polyurethane membrane for tissue engineering applications
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Enzymatic sculpting of nanoscale and microscale surface topographies
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Plug-and-play in vitro metastasis system toward recapitulating the metastatic cascade
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A microfluidic method to measure bulging heights for bulge testing of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and polyurethane (PU) elastomeric membranes
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Aerosol delivery into small anatomical airway model through spontaneous engineered breathing
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Magnetic microscopic imaging with an optically pumped magnetometer and flux guides
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Micromachining of Polyurethane Membranes for Tissue Engineering Applications
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ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 4 (10), 3522-3533, 2018
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