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Srinivas Vaidyanathan
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Monitoring carnivore populations at the landscape scale: occupancy modelling of tigers from sign surveys
KU Karanth, AM Gopalaswamy, NS Kumar, S Vaidyanathan, JD Nichols, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 48 (4), 1048-1056, 2011
Prioritisation of conservation areas in the Western Ghats, India
A Das, J Krishnaswamy, KS Bawa, MC Kiran, V Srinivas, NS Kumar, ...
Biological conservation 133 (1), 16-31, 2006
Connectivity of Tiger (Panthera tigris) Populations in the Human-Influenced Forest Mosaic of Central India
A Joshi, S Vaidyanathan, S Mondol, A Edgaonkar, U Ramakrishnan
PLoS ONE 8 (11), e77980, 2013
Non-stationary and non-linear influence of ENSO and Indian Ocean Dipole on the variability of Indian monsoon rainfall and extreme rain events
J Krishnaswamy, S Vaidyanathan, B Rajagopalan, M Bonell, M Sankaran, ...
Climate Dynamics 45 (1-2), 175-184, 2015
Maintaining tiger connectivity and minimizing extinction into the next century: Insights from landscape genetics and spatially-explicit simulations
P Thatte, A Joshi, S Vaidyanathan, E Landguth, U Ramakrishnan
Biological Conservation 218, 181-191, 2018
Leopard in a tea-cup: A study of leopard habitat-use and human-leopard interactions in north-eastern India
A Kshettry, S Vaidyanathan, V Athreya
PLOS ONE 12 (5), e0177013, 2017
Do mangroves provide an effective barrier to storm surges?
AH Baird, RS Bhalla, AM Kerr, NW Pelkey, V Srinivas
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (40), E111-E111, 2009
Usual Populations, Unusual Individuals: Insights into the Behavior and Management of Asian Elephants in Fragmented Landscapes
S Nishant M, A Vijay D, V Srinivas, S Anindya
PLoS ONE 7 (8), 2012
Comparative analysis of tree diversity and dispersion in the tropical lowland rainforests of Agumbe, Central Western Ghats, India.
V Srinivas, N Parthasarthy
Tropical Biodiversity 7, 45-60, 2000
Patterns of tropical forest dynamics and human impacts: views from above and below the canopy
S Vaidyanathan, J Krishnaswamy, NS Kumar, H Dhanwatey, ...
Biological conservation 143 (12), 2881-2890, 2010
Diet Selection of Leopards (Panthera pardus) in a Human-Use Landscape in North-Eastern India
A Kshettry, S Vaidyanathan, V Athreya
Tropical Conservation Science 11, 2018
Reply to ‘Using remote sensing to assess the protective role of coastal woody vegetation against tsunami waves’
AM Kerr, AH Baird, RS Bhalla, V Srinivas
International Journal of Remote Sensing 30 (14), 3817-3820, 2009
Landscape scale, ecology-based management of wild tiger populations
KU Karanth, JM Goodrich, S Vaidyanathan, GV Reddy
Global Tiger Workshop – Defining Strategic Actions to Save the Wild Tiger …, 2010
Site occupancy of the Indian giant squirrel Ratufa indica(Erxleben) in Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu, India
V Srinivas, PD Venugopal, S Ram
Current Science 95 (7), 889-894, 2008
Determinants of dry season habitat use by Asian elephants in the Western Ghats of India
N Lakshminarayanan, KK Karanth, VR Goswami, S Vaidyanathan, ...
Journal of Zoology, 2015
All-Male groups in Asian elephants: A novel, adaptive social strategy in increasingly anthropogenic landscapes of southern India
N Srinivasaiah, V Kumar, S Vaidyanathan, R Sukumar, A Sinha
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-11, 2019
Bits and pieces: Forest fragmentation by linear intrusions in India
R Nayak, KK Karanth, T Dutta, R Defries, KU Karanth, S Vaidyanathan
Land Use Policy 99, 104619, 2020
Fire and grazing modify grass community response to environmental determinants in savannas: Implications for sustainable use
RR Nayak, S Vaidyanathan, J Krishnaswamy
Agriculture, ecosystems & environment 185, 197-207, 2014
Moisture and nutrients determine the distribution and richness of India's large herbivore species assemblage
FS Ahrestani, IMA Heitkönig, F van Langevelde, S Vaidyanathan, ...
Basic and Applied Ecology 12 (7), 634-642, 2011
Categorizing species by niche characteristics can clarify conservation planning in rapidly‐developing landscapes
A Gangadharan, S Vaidyanathan, CC St. Clair
Animal Conservation 19 (5), 451-461, 2016
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