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Ultraviolet and visible electroluminescence from heterostructured light-emitting diodes
ST Tan, XW Sun, JL Zhao, S Iwan, ZH Cen, TP Chen, JD Ye, GQ Lo, ...
Applied Physics Letters 93 (1), 013506, 2008
Mn-doping-induced photocatalytic activity enhancement of ZnO nanorods prepared on glass substrates
NA Putri, V Fauzia, S Iwan, L Roza, AA Umar, S Budi
Applied Surface Science 439, 285-297, 2018
Green electroluminescence from an n-ZnO: Er/p-Si heterostructured light-emitting diode
S Iwan, S Bambang, JL Zhao, ST Tan, HM Fan, L Sun, S Zhang, HH Ryu, ...
Physica B: Condensed Matter 407 (14), 2721-2724, 2012
Ion-dependent electroluminescence from trivalent rare-earth doped n-ZnO/p-Si heterostructured light-emitting diodes
S Iwan, JL Zhao, ST Tan, S Bambang, M Hikam, HM Fan, XW Sun
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 30, 263-266, 2015
Blue to deep UV light emission from a heterostructure
JL Zhao, ST Tan, S Iwan, XW Sun, W Liu, SJ Chua
Applied Physics Letters 94 (9), 093506, 2009
Heterostructured White Light-Emitting Diode: Nanoscale Interface Analysis and Electroluminescence Studies
ST Tan, J Zhao, S Iwan, XW Sun, X Tang, J Ye, M Bosman, L Tang, GQ Lo, ...
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 57 (1), 129-133, 2009
Effect of precursor concentration on the structural and optical properties of ZnO nanorods prepared by hydrothermal method
A Lestari, S Iwan, D Djuhana, C Imawan, A Harmoko, V Fauzia
AIP Conference Proceedings 1729 (1), 020027, 2016
Synthesis and enhanced photocatalytic activity of Ce-doped Zinc oxide nanorods by hydrothermal method
N Aisah, D Gustiono, V Fauzia, I Sugihartono, R Nuryadi
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 172 (1), 012037, 2017
Room temperature photoluminescence properties of ZnO nanorods grown by hydrothermal reaction
S Iwan, V Fauzia, AA Umar, XW Sun
AIP Conference Proceedings 1729 (1), 020031, 2016
measurement of complex permittivity and permeability ofhexagonal ferrite composite material U sing a waveguide in microwave band 2016 Int. Conf. on Radar, Antenna, Microwave
E Handoko, AM Mangasi, S Iwan
Electronics, and Telecommunications, 28-30, 2016
Enhancement of UV photoluminescence in ZnO tubes grown by metal organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD)
S Iwan, JL Zhao, ST Tan, XW Sun
Vacuum 155, 408-411, 2018
Magnetic and microwave absorbing properties of BaFe12− 2xCoxZnxO19 (x= 0.0; 0.2; 0.4; 0.6) nanocrystalline
E Handoko, S Iwan, S Budi, BS Anggoro, AM Mangasi, M Randa, ...
Materials Research Express 5 (6), 064003, 2018
Microwave absorbing studies of magnetic materials for X-band frequencies
E Handoko, I Sugihartono, MA Marpaung, Z Jalil, M Randa, C Kurniawan, ...
2017 International Conference on Broadband Communication, Wireless Sensors …, 2017
Synthesis and characterization of Co-doped zinc oxide nanorods prepared by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis and hydrothermal methods
Y Febrianti, NA Putri, I Sugihartono, V Fauzia, D Handoko
AIP Conference Proceedings 1862 (1), 030056, 2017
The effect of Cu dopant on morphological, structural and optical properties of ZnO nanorods grown on indium tin oxide substrate
J Marselie, V Fauzia, I Sugihartono
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 817 (1), 012014, 2017
Post-annealing effect on optical absorbance of hydrothermally grown zinc oxide nanorods
RS Mohar, S Iwan, D Djuhana, C Imawan, A Harmoko, V Fauzia
AIP Conference Proceedings 1729 (1), 020024, 2016
Rapid and low temperature synthesis of Ag nanoparticles on the ZnO nanorods for photocatalytic activity improvement
T Mahardika, NA Putri, AE Putri, V Fauzia, L Roza, I Sugihartono, ...
Results in Physics 13, 102209, 2019
The effect of thickness on microwave absorbing properties of barium ferrite powder
E Handoko, I Sugihartono, S Budi, M Randa, Z Jalil, M Alaydrus
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1080 (1), 012002, 2018
Structural and Photoluminescence Properties of ZnO Thin Films Deposited by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis
I Sugihartono, E Handoko, V Fauzia, A Arkudato, LP Sari
Makara Journal of Technology 22 (1), 13-16, 2018
Double Layer Microwave Absorption Characteristics of Barium Hexaferrite/Silica Composite for X-Band Frequencies
E Handoko, I Sugihartono, MA Marpaung, M Randa, M Alaydrus, ...
Materials Science Forum 929, 109-115, 2018
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