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Rizky Rosjanuardi
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Student conception and perception of Newton’s law
J Handhika, C Cari, A Soeparmi, W Sunarno
AIP Conference Proceedings 1708 (1), 070005, 2016
Errors of Students Learning with React Strategy in Solving the Problems of Mathematical Representation Ability.
DP Sari
Journal on Mathematics Education 9 (1), 121-128, 2018
The influence of implementation of interactive lecture demonstrations (ILD) conceptual change oriented toward the decreasing of the quantity students that misconception on the …
Y Kurniawan, A Suhandi, L Hasanah
AIP Conference Proceedings 1708 (1), 070007, 2016
Exploration of student’s creativity by integrating STEM knowledge into creative products
T Mayasari, A Kadarohman, D Rusdiana, I Kaniawati
AIP conference proceedings 1708 (1), 080005, 2016
Combination of inquiry learning model and computer simulation to improve mastery concept and the correlation with critical thinking skills (CTS)
MG Nugraha, I Kaniawati, D Rusdiana, KH Kirana
AIP Conference Proceedings 1708 (1), 070008, 2016
Biological science learning model based on Turgo’s local wisdom on managing biodiversity
Anwari, MS Nahdi, E Sulistyowati
AIP Conference Proceedings 1708 (1), 030001, 2016
Profile of middle school students on scientific literacy achievements by using scientific literacy assessments (SLA)
A Rachmatullah, S Diana, NY Rustaman
AIP Conference Proceedings 1708 (1), 080008, 2016
Using problem-based learning to improve students’ creative thinking skills on water purification
W Wahyu, Kurnia, RN Eli
AIP Conference Proceedings 1708 (1), 040008, 2016
Sliding zone identification of landslide area using resistivity method in Cijambe, Subang West Java
ND Ardi, M Iryanti
AIP Conference Proceedings 1708 (1), 070001, 2016
Kinematics investigations of cylinders rolling down a ramp using tracker
EC Prima, M Mawaddah, N Winarno, W Sriwulan
AIP Conference Proceedings 1708 (1), 070010, 2016
Volcanic eruption crisis and the challenges of geoscience education in Indonesia
E Hariyono, Liliasari, B Tjasyono, Madlazim
AIP Conference Proceedings 1708 (1), 080004, 2016
The scientific learning approach using multimedia-based maze game to improve learning outcomes
W Setiawan, S Hafitriani, HW Prabawa
AIP Conference Proceedings 1708 (1), 050004, 2016
The (strong) rainbow connection number of stellar graphs
MA Shulhany, ANM Salman
AIP Conference Proceedings 1708 (1), 060007, 2016
Isolation of bacterial cellulose nanocrystalline from pineapple peel waste: Optimization of acid concentration in the hydrolysis method
B Anwar, NH Rosyid, DB Effendi, ABD Nandiyanto, A Mudzakir, T Hidayat
AIP Conference Proceedings 1708 (1), 040001, 2016
Group extensions and the primitive ideal spaces of Toeplitz algebras
S Adji, I Raeburn, R Rosjanuardi
Glasgow Mathematical Journal 49 (1), 81-92, 2007
Analysis of students’ errors in responding to TIMSS domain algebra problem
BA Saputro, D Suryadi, R Rosjanuardi, BG Kartasasmita
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1088 (1), 012031, 2018
Developing an effective multimedia in education for special education (MESE): An introduction to arithmetic
Munir, J Kusnendar, Rahmadhani
AIP Conference Proceedings 1708 (1), 050001, 2016
Study ethnomathematics of aboge (alif, rebo, wage) calendar as determinant of the great days of Islam and traditional ceremony in Cirebon Kasepuhan Palace
MA Syahrin, Turmudi, E Puspita
AIP Conference Proceedings 1708 (1), 060009, 2016
Estimation of underground river water availability based on rainfall in the Maros karst region, South Sulawesi
M Arsyad, N Ihsan, VA Tiwow
AIP Conference Proceedings 1708 (1), 070003, 2016
Complex Kumjian-Pask algebras
R Rosjanuardi
Acta Mathematica Sinica, English Series 29 (11), 2073-2078, 2013
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