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The Effect of Ba/Sr Ratio on Electrical and Optical Properties of BaxSr(1-x)TiO3 (x = 0.25; 0.35; 0.45; 0.55) Thin Film Semiconductor
Irzaman, H Syafutra, E Rancasa, AW Nuayi, TGN Rahman, NA Nuzulia, ...
Ferroelectrics 445 (1), 4-17, 2013
Evolution of silicate bioglass particles as porous microspheres with a view towards orthobiologics
MT Islam, NA Nuzulia, L Macri-Pellizzeri, F Nigar, YW Sari, I Ahmed
Journal of Biomaterials Applications 36 (8), 1427-1443, 2022
Effects of microwave processing parameters on the properties of nanohydroxyapatite: Structural, spectroscopic, hardness, and toxicity studies
YW Sari, A Saputra, A Bahtiar, NA Nuzulia
Ceramics International 47 (21), 30061-30070, 2021
Remineralization and antibacterial/antibiofilm effects of toothpaste containing nanohydroxyapatite and Curcuma aeruginosa extract
YW Sari, NA Nuzulia, WT Wahyuni, A Bahtiar, A Saputra, MHA Subroto, ...
Natural Product Research 36 (17), 4437-4441, 2022
Developing highly porous glass microspheres via a single-stage flame spheroidisation process
NA Nuzulia, T Islam, A Saputra, T Sudiro, GE Timuda, T Mart, YW Sari, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2243 (1), 012005, 2022
Injectable bone substitute synthesized from mangrove snail shell
YW Sari, RP Rudianto, NA Nuzulia, SG Sukaryo
J. Med. Phys. Biophys 4 (1), 115-121, 2017
Effects of Na Alginate in the Porosity of Scaffold Biphasic Calcium Phosphate/Alginate Composites
K Dahlan, NA Nuzulia, ST Wahyudi, S Utami
Key Engineering Materials 696, 183-186, 2016
Choosing Herbal Toothpaste: Study on Consumer Behavior and Preferences in The Greater Jakarta Area
S Septiani, D Indrawan, GS Arista, A Rakhmat, YW Sari, NA Nuzulia, ...
Jurnal Aplikasi Bisnis dan Manajemen (JABM) 8 (3), 758-758, 2022
Pengantar Biomaterial untuk Aplikasi Kesehatan
YW Sari, NA Nuzulia, A Saputra, B Abdurrahman
PT Penerbit IPB Press, 2021
Hydrothermal synthesis of fluoride-substituted calcium phosphate in supersaturation condition
NA Nuzulia, FA Siregar, YW Sari
AIP Conference Proceedings 2346 (1), 2021
Synthesis of Chicken’s Eggshells-Based β-Tricalcium Phosphate Bioceramics
K Dahlan, NA Nuzulia
Advanced Materials Research 1112, 458-461, 2015
Hydroxyapatite nucleation and growth modulated by amino acid-capped gold nanoparticles: An in vitro study
YW Sari, A Tsalsabila, A Saputra, NA Nuzulia, Y Herbani
Ceramics International 49 (11), 17166-17173, 2023
Synthesis and characterization of composite hydroxyapatite-silver nanoparticles
NA Nuzulia
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 58 (1), 012064, 2017
An In Vitro Study of Nanohydroxyapatite-Fortified Toothpaste on Tooth Remineralization: Microhardness, Mineral Content, and Biocompatibility.
NA Nuzulia, A Saputra, A Bahtiar, WT Wahyuni, YW Sari
International Journal of Nanoelectronics & Materials 15, 2022
The effect of casein addition in carbonate apatite mineral crystallization
NA Nuzulia, S Damayanti, SI Arizuni, YW Sari
J. Med. Phys. Biop 6 (1), 26-31, 2019
Synthesis of Chicken Eggshells-Based β-Tricalcium Phosphate Bioceramics and Their Biocompatibility Test as A Tooth Filler
NA Nuzulia
The Use of Microspheres for Cancer Embolization Therapy: Recent Advancements and Prospective
NA Nuzulia, T Mart, I Ahmed, YW Sari
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 2024
Process parameter optimisation for manufacturing porous bioactive silicate glass microspheres via flame spheroidisation: The goldilocks effect
MT Islam, AJ Parsons, NA Nuzulia, YW Sari, H Ren, J Booth, I Ahmed
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 614, 122393, 2023
Preface: International Conference and School on Physics in Medicine and Biosystem (ICSPMB) 2020
LE Lubis, NA Nuzulia, NR Hidayati
AIP Conference Proceedings 2346 (1), 010001, 2021
Synthesis of Chicken Eggshell Based Nanofluorapatite Using Sonochemical and Microwave-Assisted Precipitation Methods.
K Dahlan, YW Sari, NA Nuzulia, DY Asra, ZS Kubro, M Hasan, ...
International Journal of Nanoelectronics & Materials 13 (3), 2020
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