Norazanita Shamsuddin
Norazanita Shamsuddin
Faculty of Integrated Technologies (FIT), Universiti Brunei Darussalam
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Filtration of natural organic matter using ultrafiltration membranes for drinking water purposes: circular cross-flow compared with stirred dead end
N Shamsuddin, DB Das, VM Starov
Chemical Engineering Journal 276, 331-339, 2015
Development of hydrophilic PVDF membrane using vapour induced phase separation method for produced water treatment
NI Mat Nawi, HM Chean, N Shamsuddin, MR Bilad, T Narkkun, ...
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Water quality monitoring with arduino based sensors
WJ Hong, N Shamsuddin, E Abas, RA Apong, Z Masri, H Suhaimi, ...
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MR Bilad, NIM Nawi, DD Subramaniam, N Shamsuddin, AL Khan, ...
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Engineered spacers for fouling mitigation in pressure driven membrane processes: Progress and projection
R Rahmawati, MR Bilad, NIM Nawi, Y Wibisono, H Suhaimi, ...
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Production of high flux Poly (Ether Sulfone) membrane using silica additive extracted from natural resource
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Assessment and Optimization of Coagulation Process in Water Treatment Plant: A Review
DPW Sheng, MR Bilad, N Shamsuddin
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S Waqas, NY Harun, MR Bilad, T Samsuri, NAHM Nordin, N Shamsuddin, ...
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Membrane-based point-of-use water treatment (PoUWT) system in emergency situations
N Shamsuddin, DB Das, VM Starov
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Progress in Emerging Contaminants Removal by Adsorption/Membrane Filtration-Based Technologies: A Review
R Dewi, N Shamsuddin, MSA Bakar, JH Santos, MR Bilad, LH Lim
Indonesian Journal of Science and Technology 6 (3), 577-618, 2021
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Patterned membrane in an energy-efficient tilted panel filtration system for fouling control in activated sludge filtration
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Detergent and water recovery from laundry wastewater using tilted panel membrane filtration system
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Improvement of properties and performances of polyethersulfone ultrafiltration membrane by blending with bio-based dragonbloodin resin
AC Ambarita, S Mulyati, N Arahman, MR Bilad, N Shamsuddin, NM Ismail
Polymers 13 (24), 4436, 2021
Confounding effect of wetting, compaction, and fouling in an ultra-low-pressure membrane filtration: A review
TS Hung, MR Bilad, N Shamsuddin, H Suhaimi, NM Ismail, J Jaafar, ...
Polymers 14 (10), 2073, 2022
Characteristics of ultrasensitive hexagonal-cored photonic crystal fiber for hazardous chemical sensing
AM Maidi, N Shamsuddin, WR Wong, S Kaijage, F Begum
Photonics 9 (1), 38, 2022
One-pot polymerization of dopamine as an additive to enhance permeability and antifouling properties of polyethersulfone membrane
S Mulyati, S Muchtar, N Arahman, F Meirisa, Y Syamsuddin, Z Zuhra, ...
Polymers 12 (8), 1807, 2020
A rotary spacer system for energy-efficient membrane fouling control in oil/water emulsion filtration
NI Mat Nawi, A Mohd Lazis, A Rahma, M Elma, MR Bilad, NAH Md Nordin, ...
Membranes 12 (6), 554, 2022
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