Nancy L. Dallal
Nancy L. Dallal
Columbia University
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Hierarchical structures: Chunking by food type facilitates spatial memory.
NL Dallal, WH Meck
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes 16 (1), 69, 1990
Influences of visual pitch and visual yaw on visually perceived eye level (VPEL) and straight ahead (VPSA) for erect and rolled-to-horizontal observers
W Li, N Dallal, L Matin
Vision Research 41 (22), 2873-2894, 2001
Impact of vestibular lesions on allocentric navigation and interval timing: The role of self-initiated motion in spatial-temporal integration
NL Dallal, B Yin, T Nekovářová, A Stuchlík, WH Meck
Timing & Time Perception 3 (3-4), 269-305, 2015
Depletion of dopamine in the caudate nucleus but not destruction of vestibular inputs impairs short-interval timing in rats
NL Dallal, WH Meck
Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 19, 1583, 1993
Spatial memory structure and capacity: Influences on problem-solving and memory-coding strategies
BC Rakitin, NL Dallal, WH Meck
Cognitive Aspects of Stimulus Control – W.K. Hong & J.G. Fetterman (Eds …, 1992
Visually perceived eye level and straight ahead: Influences from visual field pitch, visual field slant, observer orientation, and gravity
N Dallal, W Li, L Matin
Eastern Psychological Association 64, 42, 1993
Vestibular inputs to spatial navigation: Implications for dead-reckoning theories of cognitive mapping
NL Dallal
Columbia University, 1997
Dead reckoning and the cognitive map: Vestibular inputs to spatial navigation
NL Dallal, WH Meck
Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 30 (6), 486-486, 1992
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