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Mangasi Alion Marpaung
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Laser-induced shock wave plasma in glass and its application to elemental analysis
H Kurniawan, S Nakajima, JE Batubara, M Marpaung, M Okamoto, ...
Applied spectroscopy 49 (8), 1067-1072, 1995
Characteristics of a laser plasma induced by irradiation of a normal-oscillation YAG laser at low pressures
H Kurniawan, WS Budi, MM Suliyanti, AM Marpaung, K Kagawa
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 30 (24), 3335, 1997
Shock wave plasma induced by TEA CO2 laser bombardment on glass samples at high pressures
AM Marpaung, R Hedwig, M Pardede, TJ Lie, MO Tjia, K Kagawa, ...
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy 55 (10), 1591-1599, 2000
Comprehensive study on the pressure dependence of shock wave plasma generation under TEA CO2 laser bombardment on metal sample
AM Marpaung, H Kurniawan, MO Tjia, K Kagawa
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 34 (5), 758, 2001
Some notes on the role of meta-stable excited state of helium atom in laser-induced helium gas breakdown spectroscopy
M Ramli, K Kagawa, SN Abdulmadjid, N Idris, WS Budi, MA Marpaung, ...
Applied Physics B 86 (4), 729-734, 2007
Quantitative analysis of deuterium in zircaloy using double-pulse laser-induced breakdown spectrometry (LIBS) and helium gas plasma without a sample chamber
H Suyanto, ZS Lie, H Niki, K Kagawa, K Fukumoto, H Rinda, ...
Analytical chemistry 84 (5), 2224-2231, 2012
Coincidence of density jump and the front of plasma emission induced by TEA CO2 laser bombardment at low and high pressures
AM Marpaung, M Pardede, R Hedwig, KH Kurniawan, TJ Lie, K Kagawa
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys 39 (6B), L601-L603, 2000
Water droplet lens microscope and microphotographs
HH Myint, AM Marpaung, H Kurniawan, H Hattori, K Kagawa
Physics Education 36 (2), 97, 2001
Spectral and Dynamic Characteristics of Helium Plasma Emission and its Effect on a Laser-Ablated Target Emission in a Double-Pulse Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS …
E Jobiliong, H Suyanto, AM Marpaung, SN Abdulmadjid, N Idris, ...
Applied spectroscopy 69 (1), 115-123, 2015
Deuterium analysis in zircaloy using ps laser-induced low pressure plasma
AM Marpaung, ZS Lie, H Niki, K Kagawa, K Fukumoto, M Ramli, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 110 (6), 063301, 2011
Direct evidence of mismatching effect on H emission in laser-induced atmospheric helium gas plasma
Z Sukra Lie, M On Tjia, R Hedwig, M Margaretha Suliyanti, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (5), 053301, 2013
Measurement of complex permittivity and permeability of hexagonal ferrite composite material using a waveguide in microwave band
E Handoko, AM Mangasi, S Iwan, M Randa, M Alaydrus
2016 International Conference on Radar, Antenna, Microwave, Electronics, and …, 2016
Magnetic and microwave absorbing properties of BaFe12− 2xCoxZnxO19 (x= 0.0; 0.2; 0.4; 0.6) nanocrystalline
E Handoko, S Iwan, S Budi, BS Anggoro, AM Mangasi, M Randa, ...
Materials Research Express 5 (6), 064003, 2018
Microwave absorbing studies of magnetic materials for X-band frequencies
E Handoko, I Sugihartono, MA Marpaung, Z Jalil, M Randa, C Kurniawan, ...
2017 International Conference on Broadband Communication, Wireless Sensors …, 2017
Quantitative and sensitive analysis of CN molecules using laser induced low pressure He plasma
M Pardede, R Hedwig, SN Abdulmadjid, K Lahna, N Idris, E Jobiliong, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (11), 113302, 2015
Selective Vaporization in Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser Induced Shock Wave Plasma at Low Pressures
The Review of Laser Engineering 28 (7), 435-440, 2000
Evidence of feasible hardness test on Mars using ratio of ionic/neutral emission intensities measured with laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in low pressure CO2 ambient gas
SN Abdulmadjid, M Pardede, H Suyanto, M Ramli, K Lahna, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 119 (16), 163304, 2016
Excitation mechanisms in 1 mJ picosecond laser induced low pressure He plasma and the resulting spectral quality enhancement
N Idris, K Lahna, SN Abdulmadjid, M Ramli, H Suyanto, AM Marpaung, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (22), 223301, 2015
A Comparative Study of Pressure-Dependent Emission Characteristics in Different Gas Plasmas Induced by Nanosecond and Picosecond Neodymium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Nd …
SN Abdulmadjid, N Idris, AM Marpaung, M Pardede, E Jobiliong, ...
Applied spectroscopy 67 (11), 1285-1295, 2013
H–D Analysis Employing Energy Transfer from Metastable Excited-State He in Double-Pulse LIBS with Low-Pressure He Gas
M Pardede, TJ Lie, J Iqbal, M Bilal, R Hedwig, M Ramli, A Khumaeni, ...
Analytical chemistry 91 (2), 1571-1577, 2018
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