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Anemia during pregnancy in the women of western Nepal
P Singh, S Khan, R Mittal
Bali Medical Journal 2 (1), 14-16, 2013
Is strategic purchasing the right strategy to improve a health system’s performance? A systematic review
D Ghoddoosi-Nezhad, A Janati, MA Zozani, L Doshmagir, HS Bazargani, ...
Bali Med J 6 (1), 12, 2017
Safety procedure for biosafety and controlling a communicable disease: streptococcus suis
D Tandio, A Manuaba
Bali Medical Journal 5 (2), 260-262, 2016
Homeostatic system of sheep against the background of combined effects of pollutants and the use of therapeutic and preventive agents
KK Papunidi, IR Kadikov, VR Saitov, EI Semenov, DK Gataullin, ...
Bali Medical Journal 6 (2), 83, 2017
Fournier's gangrene: report of 2 cases
PK Hota
Case reports in emergency medicine 2012, 2012
Ability to aggregation of basic regular blood elements of patients with hypertension and dyslipidemia receiving non-medication and simvastatin
IA Skoryatina, SY Zavalishina
Bali Medical Journal 6 (3), 521-528, 2017
Mean Platelet Volume (MPV) as an inflammatory marker in type 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity
G Aktas, M Kocak, T Taslamacioglu Duman, E Erkus, B Atak, M Sit, ...
Bali Medical Journal 7 (3), 650-653, 2018
Intra arterial heparin flushing increases Manual Muscle Test-Medical Research Councils (MMT-MRC) score in chronic ischemic stroke patient
T Putranto, I Yusuf, B Murtala, A Wijaya
Bali Med J 5 (2), 216-20, 2016
Testosterone increases corpus cavernous smooth muscle cells in oxidative stress-induced rodents (Sprague-Dawley)
ING Wardana, IGA Widianti, G Wirata
Bali Medical Journal 7 (2), 313-322, 2018
Risk factors of perinatal asphyxia in the term newborn at sanglah general hospital, bali-indonesia
IM Kardana
Birth 16, 45.7, 2016
Relative humidity of 40% inhibiting the increase of pulse rate, body temperature, and blood lactic acid during exercise
N Sandi, N Adiputra, A Pangkahila, PG Adiatmika
Age (year) 20 (18), 0-16, 2016
Lactose-astaxanthin increase Green Jungle Fowl’s sperm motility and reduces sperm DNA fragmentation during 5o celcius storage
W Bebas, TGO Pemayun, IM Damriyasa, INM Astawa
Bali Medical Journal 3, 152-156, 2016
An analysis of competitive situation medical tourism industry: a case study in northwest Iran
K Momeni, A Janati, A Imani, R Khodayari-Zarnaq, M Arab-Zozani
Bali Med J 6 (2), 279-88, 2014
Investigating the relationship between self-efficacy and quality of life in breast cancer patients receiving chemical therapy
R Moradi, MA Roudi, MM Kiani, S Abdelhossein, M Rigi, M Mohammadi, ...
bmj 6, 358, 2017
Anti diabetic effect of oral administration of cinnamon in wistar albino rats
SS Kumar, JK Mukkadan
BMJ 2 (3), 97-99, 2013
Effect of aromatherapy on anxiety in patients with acute coronary syndrome hospitalized in cardiac care unit
M Nematollahi, J Bazeli, M Moghaddam, H Aalami
Bali Medical Journal 6 (2), 331-336, 2017
Phytochemical screening and antibacterial activity of two common terresterial medicinal plants Ruta chalepensis and Rumex nervosus
M Babu-Kasimala, M Tukue, R Ermias
Dyslipidemia in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in western of Nepal: a hospital based study
MK Shrewastwa, C Thanpari, NK Yadav, RK Mittal, V Rohil
Bali Med J 2, 46-50, 2013
Clinical Initial Response of Neoadjuvant Chemotheraphy in Triple Negative, HER-2, and Luminal Types of Breast Cancer in Denpasar (A Preliminary Study)
KY Yarso, IW Sudarsa, IBT Wibawa-Manuaba
Bali Medical Journal 1 (1), 12-16, 2012
Self-medication and contributing factors: A questionnaire survey among Iranian households
N Abdarzadeh, MR Ezzatabadi, S Rafiei, M Shafiei, AD Tafti, F Saghafi, ...
Journal of Medical Sciences 5 (3), 17, 2010
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