Bo Ri Seo
Bo Ri Seo
Harvard University; The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering
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Tough adhesives for diverse wet surfaces
J Li, AD Celiz, J Yang, Q Yang, I Wamala, W Whyte, BR Seo, NV Vasilyev, ...
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Obesity-dependent changes in interstitial ECM mechanics promote breast tumorigenesis
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Influencing the tumor microenvironment: a phase II study of copper depletion using tetrathiomolybdate in patients with breast cancer at high risk for recurrence and in …
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Macroscale biomaterials strategies for local immunomodulation
MO Dellacherie, BR Seo, DJ Mooney
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K Wang, RCA Eguiluz, F Wu, BR Seo, C Fischbach, D Gourdon
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Collagen microarchitecture mechanically controls myofibroblast differentiation
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Collagen I hydrogel microstructure and composition conjointly regulate vascular network formation
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Treating ischemia via recruitment of antigen-specific T cells
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Force control of textile-based soft wearable robots for mechanotherapy
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Obesity-dependent changes in interstitial ECM mechanics promote breast tumorigenesis. Sci Transl Med 2015; 7: 301ra130
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Viscoelastic surface electrode arrays to interface with viscoelastic tissues
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Nature Nanotechnology, 1-11, 2021
Timed delivery of therapy enhances functional muscle regeneration
CA Cezar, P Arany, SA Vermillion, BR Seo, HH Vandenburgh, DJ Mooney
Advanced healthcare materials 6 (19), 1700202, 2017
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