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Kirsten Jensen
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A DNA Sequence-Based Approach To the Identification of Shark and Ray Species and Its Implications for Global Elasmobranch Diversity and Parasitology
GJP Naylor, JN Caira, K Jensen, KAM Rosana, WT White, PR Last
Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, 1-262, 2012
Elasmobranch phylogeny: A mitochondrial estimate based on 595 species.
GJP Naylor, JN Caira, K Jensen, KAM Rosana, N Straube, C Lakner
The Biology of Sharks and their Relatives, 31-57, 2012
On the phylogenetic relationships among tetraphyllidean, lecanicephalidean and diphyllidean tapeworm genera
JN Caira, K Jensen, CJ Healy
Systematic Parasitology 42 (2), 77-151, 1999
Orders out of chaos–molecular phylogenetics reveals the complexity of shark and stingray tapeworm relationships
JN Caira, K Jensen, A Waeschenbach, PD Olson, DTJ Littlewood
International Journal for Parasitology 44 (1), 55-73, 2014
Evolution of the trypanorhynch tapeworms: parasite phylogeny supports independent lineages of sharks and rays
PD Olson, JN Caira, K Jensen, RM Overstreet, HW Palm, I Beveridge
International Journal for Parasitology 40 (2), 223-242, 2010
Characterization of a diversity of tetraphyllidean and rhinebothriidean cestode larval types, with comments on host associations and life-cycles
K Jensen, SA Bullard
International Journal for Parasitology 40 (8), 889-910, 2010
Proposal for a new tapeworm order, Rhinebothriidea
CJ Healy, JN Caira, K Jensen, BL Webster, DTJ Littlewood
International Journal for Parasitology 39 (4), 497-511, 2009
Clarification of Aetobatus ocellatus (Kuhl, 1823) as a valid species, and a comparison with Aetobatus narinari (Euphrasen, 1790)(Rajiformes: Myliobatidae)
WT White, PR Last, GJP Naylor, K Jensen, JN Caira
Descriptions of New Sharks and Rays from Borneo, 141-164, 2010
Sharks and Rays of Borneo
PR Last, WT White, JN Caira, F Dharmadi, K Jensen, APK Lim, ...
CSIRO Publishing, 2010
Interrelationships among tetraphyllidean and lecanicephalidean cestodes
JN Caira, K Jensen, CJ Healy
Interrelationships of the Platyhelminthes 1, 135-158, 2001
A Digest of Elasmobranch Tapeworms
JN Caira, K Jensen
Journal of Parasitology 100 (4), 373–391, 2014
Global cestode database
JN Caira, K Jensen, E Barbeau
World Wide Web Electronic Publication, 2012
An investigation of the co-evolutionary relationships between onchobothriid tapeworms and their elasmobranch hosts
JN Caira, K Jensen
International Journal for Parasitology 31 (9), 960-975, 2001
On a new index of host specificity
JN Caira, K Jensen, KE Holsinger
Taxonomy, Ecology, and Evolution of Metazoan Parasites 1, 161-201, 2003
A monograph on the Lecanicephalidea (Platyhelminthes, Cestoda)
K Jensen
University of Nebraska State Museum, 2005
Planetary biodiversity inventory (2008–2017): Tapeworms from vertebrate bowels of the earth
JN Caira, K Jensen
Natural History Museum, University of Kansas, 2017
Historical account of the two family-group names in use for the single accepted family comprising the “fish blood flukes”
SA Bullard, K Jensen, RM Overstreet
Acta Parasitologica 54 (1), 78-84, 2009
Five new species of Acanthobothrium (Cestoda: Tetraphyllidea) from an unusual species of Himantura (Rajiformes: Dasyatidae) from northern Australia
CA Fyler, JN Caira, K Jensen
Folia Parasitologica (Prague) 56 (2), 107, 2009
Blood Flukes (Digenea: Aporocotylidae) of Stingrays (Myliobatiformes: Dasyatidae): Orchispirium heterovitellatum From Himantura imbricata in the Bay of Bengal and a New …
SA Bullard, K Jensen
Journal of Parasitology 94 (6), 1311-1321, 2008
New Genus and Species of Aporocotylidae (Digenea) from a Basal Actinopterygian, The American Paddlefish, Polyodon spathula, (Acipenseriformes …
SA Bullard, SD Snyder, K Jensen, RM Overstreet
Journal of Parasitology 94 (2), 487-495, 2008
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