Prof. Ir. Sofia W Alisjahbana, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Prof. Ir. Sofia W Alisjahbana, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Civil Engineering Department, Bakrie University
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Substitution local resources basalt stone scoria Lampung, Indonesia, as a third raw material aggregate to increase the quality of portland composite cement (PCC).
SW Alisjahbana, H Riyanto, C Hasyim, MI Setiawan, D Harmanto, ...
Science Publishing Corporation, 2018
Dynamic analysis of rigid roadway pavement under moving traffic loads with variable velocity
S Alisjahbana, W Wangsadinata
International and Multiscale Mechanics 5 (2), 105-114, 2012
Dynamic response of damped orthotropic plate on Pasternak foundation to dynamic moving loads
S Alisjahbana, W Wangsadinata
The 4th International Structural Engineering and Construction Conference …, 2007
Dynamic response of clamped orthotropic plates to dynamic moving loads
SW Alisjahbana
Proceedings of the 13th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 2004
Prinsip Dasar Mekanika Struktur
SW Alisjahbana
Graha Ilmu, 2013
Response of damped orthotropic stiffened plates subjected to a stepped triangular blast loading
SW Alisjahbana, W Wangsadinata
Procedia engineering 14, 989-996, 2011
Evolutionary ACO algorithms for truss optimization problems
BS Gan, T Hara, A Han, SW Alisjahbana, S As’ad
Procedia engineering 171, 1100-1107, 2017
Semi analytical solution of a rigid pavement under a moving load on a Kerr foundation model
SW Alisjahbana, I Alisjahbana, S Kiryu, BS Gan
Journal of Vibroengineering 20 (5), 2165-2174, 2018
Modeling of Waste Material Costs on Road Construction Projects
M Waty, SW Alisjahbana, O Gondokusumo, H Sulistio, C Hasyim, ...
International Journal of Engineering and Technology (UAE) 7 (2), 474-477, 2018
Proposal for fast calculation of particle interactions in SPH simulations
SG ,Sofia Alisjahbana, Ay Lie Han, Dinh Kien Nguyen,
Computers and Fluids 104 (2014), 20-29, 2014
Numerical Dynamic Analysis of Orthotropic Plates under Localized Blast Loads
SW Alisjahbana, W Wangsadinata
ASEA-SEC2, 2014
Dynamic Response of Structures Loaded by outside Blasts
SW Alisjahbana, W Wangsadinata
Proceedings of the Thirteenth East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural …, 2013
Dynamic response of rigid concrete pavements under dynamic traffic loads
S Alisjahbana, W Wangsadinata
Eleventh East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction, 2011
Dynamic of rigid roadway pavement under dynamic loads
SW Alisjahbana, S Sumawiganda, S Leman
Singapour, 2009
Dynamic Response of Rectangular Orthotropic Plate Supported by Pasternak Foundation Subjected to Dynamic Load
SW Alisjahbana, W Wangsadinata
First International Structural Specialty Conference, 2006
Dynamic Response of Rigid Roadway Pavement
S Alisjahbana, W Wangsadinata
The third International Conference on Construction Materials: Performance …, 2005
Component of Light Weight Floor-Systems under Human Movement
SW Alisjahbana, XL Zhao, MM Alikhail
International Conference on Advances in Structural Dynamic, 619, 2000
Prinsip Dasar Metode Elemen Hingga
SW Alisjahbana
UPT Penerbitan Universitas Tarumanagara, 1998
Dynamic Response of Pavement Plates to the Positive and Negative Phases of the Friedlander Load
SW Alisjahbana, JCP Putra, A Asmi, I Alisjahbana, S Kiryu, BS Gan
Strength of Materials 50 (5), 702-710, 2018
DOF Condensation of thick curved beam element formulated by Isogeometric Approach
BS Gan, DK Nguyen, A Han, SW Alisjahbana
International Conference on Advances in Computational Mechanics, 545-559, 2017
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