Ansari Saleh Ahmar
Ansari Saleh Ahmar
Department of Statistics, Universitas Negeri Makassar
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Development of teaching material using an Android
AS Ahmar, A Rahman
Global Journal of Engineering Education (GJEE) 19 (1), 72-76, 2017
Exploration of mathematics problem solving process based on the thinking level of students in junior high school
A Rahman, AS Ahmar
International Journal of Environmental and Science Education 11 (14), 7278-7285, 2016
Combination Base64 Algorithm and EOF Technique for Steganography
R Rahim, H Nurdiyanto, R Hidayat, AS Ahmar, D Siregar, APU Siahaan, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1007 (1), 012003, 2018
Multimedia educational game approach for psychological conditional
N Nasrudin, I Agustina, A Akrim, AS Ahmar, R Rahim
Int. J. Eng. Technol 7 (2.9), 78-81, 2018
Modeling data containing outliers using ARIMA additive outlier (ARIMA-AO)
AS Ahmar, S Guritno, A Rahman, I Minggi, MA Tiro, MK Aidid, S Annas, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1803.00257, 2018
Analysis of the ability in mathematical problem-solving based on SOLO taxonomy and cognitive style
U Mulbar, A Rahman, AS Ahmar
World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education 15 (1), 2017
Lecturers’ understanding on indexing databases of SINTA, DOAJ, Google Scholar, SCOPUS, and Web of Science: A study of Indonesians
AS Ahmar, N Kurniasih, DE Irawan, DU Sutiksno, D Napitupulu, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 954 (1), 012026, 2018
Forecasting of Primary Energy Consumption Data in the United State: a comparison between ARIMA and Holter Winters Models
A Rahman, AS Ahmar
The 3th International Conference on Green Design and Manufacture 2017, Krabi …, 2017
Visual Approach of Searching Process using Boyer-Moore Algorithm
R Rahim, AS Ahmar, AP Ardyanti, D Nofriansyah
J. Phys. Conf. Ser 930 (1), 012001, 2017
Keylogger application to monitoring users activity with exact string matching algorithm
R Rahim, D Hartama, H Nurdiyanto, AS Ahmar, D Abdullah, D Napitupulu
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Expert system for disease risk based on lifestyle with Fuzzy Mamdani
M Mesran, M Syahrizal, S Suginam, N Kurniasih, AD Gs, AS Ahmar, ...
Int. J. Eng. Technol 7 (2.3), 88-91, 2018
The Influence of Cooperative Learning Models on Learning Outcomes Based on Students’ Learning Styles
A Rahman, AS Ahmar, R Rusli
World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education (WTE&TE) 14 (3 …, 2016
SutteARIMA: Short-term forecasting method, a case: Covid-19 and stock market in Spain
AS Ahmar, EB del Val
Science of The Total Environment, 138883, 2020
Searching Process with Raita Algorithm and its Application
R Rahim, AS Ahmar, D Abdullah, D Hartama, D Napitupulu, APU Siahaan, ...
J. Phys. Conf. Ser 1007 (1), 012004, 2018
Predicting movement of stock of “Y” using Sutte indicator
AS Ahmar, A Rahman, ANM Arifin, AA Ahmar
Cogent Economics & Finance 5 (1), 1347123, 2017
Web Based Application for Decision Support System with ELECTRE Method
A Yanie, A Hasibuan, I Ishak, M Marsono, S Lubis, N Nurmalini, M Mesran, ...
J. Phys. Conf. Ser 1028 (1), 012054, 2018
A new diversity technique for imbalance learning ensembles
SOS Hartono, EB Nababan, AD Tulus, AS Ahmar
International Journal of Engineering & Technology 7 (2), 478-483, 2018
A comparison of α-Sutte Indicator and ARIMA methods in renewable energy forecasting in Indonesia
AS Ahmar
Int. J. Eng. Technol 7 (1.6), 20-22, 2018
Developing a self-learning model based on open-ended questions to increase the students’ creativity in calculus
N Arsyad, A Rahman, AS Ahmar
Global Journal of Engineering Education 9 (2), 143-147, 2017
Relationship between learning styles and learning achievement in mathematics based on genders
A Rahman, AS Ahmar
World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education 15 (1), 74-77, 2017
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