Ansari Saleh Ahmar
Ansari Saleh Ahmar
Department of Statistics, Universitas Negeri Makassar
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Development of teaching material using an Android
AS Ahmar, A Rahman
Global Journal of Engineering Education (GJEE) 19 (1), 72-76, 2017
Exploration of mathematics problem solving process based on the thinking level of students in junior high school
A Rahman, AS Ahmar
International Journal of Environmental and Science Education 11 (14), 7278-7285, 2016
Combination Base64 Algorithm and EOF Technique for Steganography
R Rahim, H Nurdiyanto, R Hidayat, AS Ahmar, D Siregar, APU Siahaan, ...
J. Phys. Conf. Ser 1007 (1), 012003, 2018
Modeling data containing outliers using ARIMA additive outlier (ARIMA-AO)
AS Ahmar, S Guritno, A Rahman, I Minggi, MA Tiro, MK Aidid, S Annas, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1803.00257, 2018
Multimedia educational game approach for psychological conditional
N Nasrudin, I Agustina, A Akrim, AS Ahmar, R Rahim
Int. J. Eng. Technol 7 (2.9), 78-81, 2018
Lecturers’ understanding on indexing databases of SINTA, DOAJ, Google Scholar, SCOPUS, and Web of Science: A study of Indonesians
AS Ahmar, N Kurniasih, DE Irawan, DU Sutiksno, D Napitupulu, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 954 (1), 012026, 2018
Analysis of the ability in mathematical problem-solving based on SOLO taxonomy and cognitive style
U Mulbar, A Rahman, AS Ahmar
World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education 15 (1), 2017
Expert system for disease risk based on lifestyle with Fuzzy Mamdani
M Mesran, M Syahrizal, S Suginam, N Kurniasih, AD Gs, AS Ahmar, ...
Int. J. Eng. Technol 7 (2.3), 88-91, 2018
Visual Approach of Searching Process using Boyer-Moore Algorithm
R Rahim, AS Ahmar, AP Ardyanti, D Nofriansyah
J. Phys. Conf. Ser 930 (1), 012001, 2017
Forecasting of Primary Energy Consumption Data in the United State: a comparison between ARIMA and Holter Winters Models
A Rahman, AS Ahmar
The 3th International Conference on Green Design and Manufacture 2017, Krabi …, 2017
Keylogger application to monitoring users activity with exact string matching algorithm
R Rahim, D Hartama, H Nurdiyanto, AS Ahmar, D Abdullah, D Napitupulu
J. Phys. Conf. Ser 954 (1), 012008, 2018
The Influence of Cooperative Learning Models on Learning Outcomes Based on Students’ Learning Styles
A Rahman, AS Ahmar, R Rusli
World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education (WTE&TE) 14 (3 …, 2016
Searching Process with Raita Algorithm and its Application
R Rahim, AS Ahmar, D Abdullah, D Hartama, D Napitupulu, APU Siahaan, ...
J. Phys. Conf. Ser 1007 (1), 012004, 2018
A new diversity technique for imbalance learning ensembles
SOS Hartono, EB Nababan, AD Tulus, AS Ahmar
International Journal of Engineering & Technology 7 (2), 478-483, 2018
Web Based Application for Decision Support System with ELECTRE Method
A Yanie, A Hasibuan, I Ishak, M Marsono, S Lubis, N Nurmalini, M Mesran, ...
J. Phys. Conf. Ser 1028 (1), 012054, 2018
Rc4 algorithm visualization for cryptography education
S Sriadhi, R Rahim, AS Ahmar
J. Phys. Conf. Ser 1028 (1), 012057, 2018
Developing a self-learning model based on open-ended questions to increase the students’ creativity in calculus
N Arsyad, A Rahman, AS Ahmar
Global Journal of Engineering Education 9 (2), 143-147, 2017
Predicting movement of stock of “Y” using Sutte indicator
AS Ahmar, A Rahman, ANM Arifin, AA Ahmar
Cogent Economics & Finance 5 (1), 1347123, 2017
A comparison of α-Sutte Indicator and ARIMA methods in renewable energy forecasting in Indonesia
AS Ahmar
Int. J. Eng. Technol 7 (1.6), 20-22, 2018
Implementation cryptography data encryption standard (DES) and triple data encryption standard (3DES) method in communication system based near field communication (NFC)
RP Ratnadewi, YH Adhie, AS Ahmar, MI Setiawan
J. Phys. Conf. Ser 954 (1), 12009, 2018
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