Augusto Rodrigues
Augusto Rodrigues
Assistant Professor, DFA, FCUP, Uniiversity of Porto
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Photonic bandgap materials and structures by sol–gel processing
AS Almeida, R.M., Rodrigues
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 326, 405-409, 2003
PT-symmetric double well potentials revisited: bifurcations, stability and dynamics
AS Rodrigues, K Li, V Achilleos, PG Kevrekidis, DJ Frantzeskakis, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1207.1066, 2012
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AS Rodrigues, PG Kevrekidis, MA Porter, DJ Frantzeskakis, P Schmelcher, ...
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Dynamic generation of matter solitons from linear states via time-dependent scattering lengths
PG Kevrekidis, VV Konotop, A Rodrigues, DJ Frantzeskakis
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MF Pereira, JP Zubelli, D Winge, A Wacker, AS Rodrigues, V Anfertev, ...
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N Akhmediev, AS Rodrigues, GE Town
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L Dominici, R Carretero-González, A Gianfrate, J Cuevas-Maraver, ...
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AS Rodrigues, M Santagiustina, EM Wright
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PT Guerreiro, SG Lee, AS Rodrigues, YZ Hu, EM Wright, SI Najafi, ...
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Symmetry-breaking effects for polariton condensates in double-well potentials
AS Rodrigues, PG Kevrekidis, J Cuevas, R Carretero-González, ...
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking, Self-Trapping, and Josephson Oscillations …, 2012
Interactions and scattering of quantum vortices in a polariton condensate
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Physical Review E 98 (2), 022205, 2018
Transverse instability of solitons in nonlinear systems
CP Jisha, T Mithun, A Rodrigues, K Porsezian
JOSA B 32 (6), 1106-1112, 2015
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