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Chris Wahlheim
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Spacing enhances the learning of natural concepts: An investigation of mechanisms, metacognition, and aging
CN Wahlheim, J Dunlosky, LL Jacoby
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Remembering change: The critical role of recursive remindings in proactive effects of memory
CN Wahlheim, LL Jacoby
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Learning to diminish the effects of proactive interference: Reducing false memory for young and older adults
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Memory consequences of looking back to notice change: Retroactive and proactive facilitation
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Testing can counteract proactive interference by integrating competing information
CN Wahlheim
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The role of reminding in the effects of spaced repetitions on cued recall: Sufficient but not necessary.
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Memory for flip-flopping: Detection and recollection of political contradictions
AL Putnam, CN Wahlheim, LL Jacoby
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Proactive effects of memory in young and older adults: The role of change recollection
CN Wahlheim
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Memory guides the processing of event changes for older and younger adults.
CN Wahlheim, JM Zacks
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Age differences in the focus of retrieval: Evidence from dual-list free recall.
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Predicting memory performance under conditions of proactive interference: Immediate and delayed judgments of learning
CN Wahlheim
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Adult age differences in production and monitoring in dual-list free recall.
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Simultaneous versus sequential presentation in testing recognition memory for faces
JR Finley, HL Roediger III, AD Hughes, CN Wahlheim, LL Jacoby
The American journal of psychology 128 (2), 173-195, 2015
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