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Students’ perceptions in appreciating English literary works through critical comment: A case study at Hasanuddin University and Universitas Negeri Makassar
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Stress shifts of English utterances made by Indonesian speakers of English (ISE)
S Weda
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Linguistic deviation and the rhetoric figures in Shakespeare’s selected plays
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English Learning Strategies
S Weda
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Lecturer’s Competence and Students’ Writing Proficiency at University Level in Indonesia
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Students’ perspectives on genre approach in the “Neglected Communicative Event:” Script defense examination in English Department
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Knowledge Sharing Practices in EFL Classroom at Higher Education in Indonesia
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Interlanguage phonology: stress shifts of English utterances made by Indonesian university students
S Weda
Proceeding, Konferensi Internasional Masyarakat Linguistik Indonesia (KIMLI …, 2009
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Prabowo’s anger during 212 reunion: appraisal system of CNN Indonesia news text
Y Thahara, F Gunawan, IA Samad, S Weda, F Rahman
International Journal of Literature, Language and Linguistics (IJLLL) 5 (1 …, 2019
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