Homayoun Hani
Homayoun Hani
Post-Doctoral Fellow
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Effect of Semen Collection Methods on the Quality of Pre‐ and Post‐thawed Bali Cattle (Bos javanicus) Spermatozoa
K Sarsaifi, Y Rosnina, MO Ariff, H Wahid, H Hani, N Yimer, J Vejayan, ...
Reproduction in Domestic Animals 48 (6), 1006-1012, 2013
Isolation, density purification, and in vitro culture maintenance of functional caprine islets of langerhans as an alternative islet source for diabetes study
ZNA 8. Hani H, Tengku Azmi TI, Abas MO, Mohd-Azmi ML
Xenotransplantation 17, 469-480, 2010
Size‐related assessment on viability and insulin secretion of caprine islets in vitro
F Vakhshiteh, ZN Allaudin, MAB Mohd Lila, H Hani
Xenotransplantation 20 (2), 82-88, 2013
Wide dynamic range of surface‐plasmon‐resonance‐based assay for hepatitis B surface antigen antibody optimal detection in comparison with ELISA
YJ Tam, NA Zeenathul, MA Rezaei, NH Mustafa, MLM Azmi, AR Bahaman, ...
Biotechnology and applied biochemistry 64 (5), 735-744, 2017
Protein profile and functionality of spermatozoa from two semen collection methods in Bali bulls
K Sarsaifi, J Vejayan, R Yusoff, H Hani, M Rasoli, MA Omar, AM Othman
Livestock science 172, 96-105, 2015
Isolation and phylogenetic analysis of caprine Orf virus in Malaysia
AA Abdullah, MFB Ismail, KN Balakrishnan, JA Bala, H Hani, Y Abba, ...
VirusDisease 26 (4), 255-259, 2015
Two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of Bali bull (Bos javanicus) seminal plasma proteins and their relationship with semen quality
K Sarsaifi, J Vejayan, R Yusoff, H Hani, MA Omar, LW Hong, N Yimer, ...
Theriogenology 84 (6), 956-968, 2015
Velogenic newcastle disease virus tissue tropism and pathogenesis of infection in chickens by application of in situ PCR, immunoperoxase staining and HE staining
EA Hussein, M Hair-Bejo, AR Omar, SS Arshad, H Hani, KN Balakrishnan, ...
Microbial pathogenesis 129, 213-223, 2019
Establishment of rat brain endothelial cells susceptible to rat cytomegalovirus ALL-03 infection
SN Camalxaman, NA Zeenathul, YW Quah, HS Loh, H Zuridah, H Hani, ...
In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Animal 49 (3), 238-244, 2013
Virucidal activity of Garcinia parvifolia leaf extracts in animal cell culture
A Adnan, ZN Allaudin, H Hani, HS Loh, TJ Khoo, KN Ting, R Abdullah
BMC complementary and alternative medicine 19 (1), 1-10, 2019
Caprine pancreatic islet xenotransplantation into diabetic immunosuppressed BALB/c mice
H Hani, ZN Allaudin, MA Mohd‐Lila, TAT Ibrahim, AM Othman
Xenotransplantation 21 (2), 174-182, 2014
Patch grafting, strategies for transplantation of organoids into solid organs such as liver
W Zhang, G Lanzoni, H Hani, D Overi, V Cardinale, S Simpson, W Pitman, ...
Biomaterials 277, 121067, 2021
Antiviral and virucidal activities of Duabanga grandiflora leaf extract against Pseudorabies virus in vitro
FZA Malik, ZN Allaudin, HS Loh, TK Nee, H Hani, R Abdullah
BMC complementary and alternative medicine 16 (1), 1-10, 2016
Morphological changes of post-isolation of caprine pancreatic islet
H Hani, ZN Allaudin, TA Tengku Ibrahim, MA Mohd-Lila, K Sarsaifi, ...
In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Animal 51 (2), 113-120, 2015
Stem Cell‐Fueled Maturational Lineages in Hepatic and Pancreatic Organogenesis
W Zhang, A Allen, E Wauthier, X Yi, H Hani, P Sethupathy, D Gerber, ...
The Liver: Biology and Pathobiology, 521-538, 2020
Complete genome sequence of rat cytomegalovirus strain ALL-03 (Malaysian Strain)
KN Balakrishnan, AA Abdullah, SN Camalxaman, YW Quah, Y Abba, ...
Genome announcements 3 (3), e00451-15, 2015
Improvement of isolated caprine islet survival and functionality in vitro by enhancing of PDX 1 gene expression
H Hani, ZN Allaudin, MA Mohd‐Lila, K Sarsaifi, M Rasouli, YJ Tam, ...
Xenotransplantation 24 (3), e12302, 2017
Isolation and phylogenetic analysis of caprine Orf virus in Malaysia. Virus Dis. 26 (4): 255-259
AA Abdullah, MF Ismail, KN Balakrishnan, JA Bala, H Hani, Y Abba, ...
Development of superovulation program and heterologous in vitro fertilization test assessment in hamsters
SWNAMO Kazhal Sarsaifi, Mohamed-Ariff Omar, Rosnina H. Yusoff, Abd-Wahid ...
Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 8 (6), 796-805, 2013
The application of naked DNA plasmid (DrZP3) and recombinant adenovirus (Ad-rZP3) in rat animal model to determine comparative efficacy of ZP3-Immunocontraceptive vaccines
MA Mohd-Lila, LK Yee, LS Cen, JA Bala, KN Balakrishnan, ZN Allaudin, ...
Microbial pathogenesis 134, 103572, 2019
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