Mihail Croitoru
Mihail Croitoru
Institut für Theoretische Physik III, University of Bayreuth
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Size-dependent enhancement of superconductivity in Al and Sn nanowires: Shape-resonance effect
AA Shanenko, MD Croitoru, M Zgirski, FM Peeters, K Arutyunov
Physical Review B 74 (5), 052502, 2006
Nonmonotonic field dependence of damping and reappearance of Rabi oscillations in quantum dots
A Vagov, MD Croitoru, VM Axt, T Kuhn, FM Peeters
Physical review letters 98 (22), 227403, 2007
Real-time path integrals for quantum dots: Quantum dissipative dynamics with superohmic environment coupling
A Vagov, MD Croitoru, M Glässl, VM Axt, T Kuhn
Physical Review B 83 (9), 094303, 2011
Oscillations of the superconducting temperature induced by quantum well states in thin metallic films: Numerical solution of the Bogoliubov–de Gennes equations
AA Shanenko, MD Croitoru, FM Peeters
Physical Review B 75 (1), 014519, 2007
Long-time dynamics and stationary nonequilibrium of an optically driven strongly confined quantum dot coupled to phonons
M Glässl, A Vagov, S Lüker, DE Reiter, MD Croitoru, P Machnikowski, ...
Physical Review B 84 (19), 195311, 2011
Dependence of superconducting properties on the size and shape of a nanoscale superconductor: From nanowire to film
MD Croitoru, AA Shanenko, FM Peeters
Physical Review B 76 (2), 024511, 2007
Shape resonances in the superconducting order parameter of ultrathin nanowires
AA Shanenko, MD Croitoru
Physical Review B 73 (1), 012510, 2006
Magnetic-field induced quantum-size cascades in superconducting nanowires
AA Shanenko, MD Croitoru, FM Peeters
Physical Review B 78 (2), 024505, 2008
In-plane magnetic field anisotropy of the Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov state in layered superconductors
MD Croitoru, M Houzet, AI Buzdin
Physical review letters 108 (20), 207005, 2012
Atypical BCS-BEC crossover induced by quantum-size effects
AA Shanenko, MD Croitoru, AV Vagov, VM Axt, A Perali, FM Peeters
Physical Review A 86 (3), 033612, 2012
Quantum-size effects on Tc in superconducting nanofilms
AA Shanenko, MD Croitoru, FM Peeters
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 76 (3), 498, 2006
Biexciton state preparation in a quantum dot via adiabatic rapid passage: comparison between two control protocols and impact of phonon-induced dephasing
M Glässl, AM Barth, K Gawarecki, P Machnikowski, MD Croitoru, S Lüker, ...
Physical Review B 87 (8), 085303, 2013
New Andreev-type states in superconducting nanowires
AA Shanenko, MD Croitoru, RG Mints, FM Peeters
Physical review letters 99 (6), 067007, 2007
Giant drop in the Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer coherence length induced by quantum size effects in superconducting nanowires
AA Shanenko, MD Croitoru, A Vagov, FM Peeters
Physical Review B 82 (10), 104524, 2010
Interaction of a quantum-dot cavity system with acoustic phonons: Stronger light-matter coupling can reduce the visibility of strong coupling effects
M Glässl, L Sörgel, A Vagov, MD Croitoru, T Kuhn, VM Axt
Physical Review B 86 (3), 035319, 2012
Atomically flat superconducting nanofilms: multiband properties and mean-field theory
AA Shanenko, JA Aguiar, A Vagov, MD Croitoru, MV Milošević
Superconductor Science and Technology 28 (5), 054001, 2015
Metallic nanograins: Spatially nonuniform pairing induced by quantum confinement
MD Croitoru, AA Shanenko, CC Kaun, FM Peeters
Physical Review B 83 (21), 214509, 2011
Influence of the pulse shape and the dot size on the decay and reappearance of Rabi rotations in laser driven quantum dots
M Glässl, MD Croitoru, A Vagov, VM Axt, T Kuhn
Physical Review B 84 (12), 125304, 2011
An efficient way of including thermal diffuse scattering in simulation of scanning transmission electron microscopic images
MD Croitoru, D Van Dyck, S Van Aert, S Bals, J Verbeeck
Ultramicroscopy 106 (10), 933-940, 2006
Ultrafast terahertz-field-induced dynamics of superconducting bulk and quasi-1D samples
M Zachmann, MD Croitoru, A Vagov, VM Axt, T Papenkort, T Kuhn
New Journal of Physics 15 (5), 055016, 2013
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