Hendradi Hardhienata
Hendradi Hardhienata
Assistant Professor of Theoretical Physics, IPB University & Visiting Scientist at NTU Singapore
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Simplified bond-hyperpolarizability model of second-harmonic-generation in Si (111): theory and experiment
H Hardhienata, A Prylepa, D Stifter, K Hingerl
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 423 (1), 012046, 2013
Simplified bond-hyperpolarizability model of second harmonic generation, group theory, and Neumann’s principle
A Alejo-Molina, H Hardhienata, K Hingerl
JOSA B 31 (3), 526-533, 2014
Electrical properties of photodiode Ba0. 25Sr0. 75TiO3 (BST) thin film doped with ferric oxide on p-type Si (100) substrate using chemical solution deposition method
H Syafutra, H Darmasetiawan, H Hardhienata, R Erviansyah, F Huriawati, ...
BATAN, 2011
Model of third harmonic generation and electric field induced optical second harmonic using simplified bond-hyperpolarizability model
A Alejo-Molina, K Hingerl, H Hardhienata
JOSA B 32 (4), 562-570, 2015
Bulk dipolar contribution to second-harmonic generation in zincblende
H Hardhienata, A Alejo-Molina, C Reitböck, A Prylepa, D Stifter, K Hingerl
JOSA B 33 (2), 195-201, 2016
Single-Frequency Refractive Index Sensor Based on a Finite One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals with Two Defects
AAIMOT H. Alatas, H. Mayditia, H. Hardhienata
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 45 (1), 6754-6758, 2006
The optical band gap of LiTaO3 and Nb2O5-doped LiTaO3 thin films based on Tauc Plot method to be applied on satellite
R Estrada, N Djohan, D Pasole, M Dahrul, A Kurniawan, J Iskandar, ...
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 54 (1), 012092, 2017
Bulk quadrupole and interface dipole contribution for second harmonic generation in Si(111)
HH Cornelia Reitböck,, David Stifter, Adalberto Alejo-Molina, Kurt Hingerl
Journal of Optics 18 (3), 2016
About the calculation of the second-order susceptibility χ (2) tensorial elements for crystals using group theory
ES Jatirian-Foltides, JJ Escobedo-Alatorre, PA Márquez-Aguilar, ...
Revista mexicana de física E 62 (1), 5-13, 2016
Surface Roughness and Grain Size Characterization of Annealing Temperature Effect For Growth Gallium and Tantalum Doped Ba 0.5 Sr 0.5 TiO 3 Thin Film
I Irzaman, H Darmasetiawan, H Hardhienata, M Hikam, P Arifin, SN Jusoh, ...
Atom Indonesia 35 (1), 57-67, 2011
Electrical properties of photodiode BST thin film doped with ferrium oxide using chemical deposition solution method
DH Irzaman, H Hardhienata, R Erviansyah, HM Akhiruddin, P Arifin
Journal Atom Indonesia, Batan 6 (2), 57-62, 2010
Barium strontium titanate thin film growth with rotational speed variation as a satellite temperature sensor prototype
W Rika, H Hardhienata
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 54 (1), 012094, 2017
The effect of annealing temperature variation on the optical properties test of LiTaO3 thin films based on Tauc Plot method for satellite technology
N Djohan, R Estrada, D Sari, M Dahrul, A Kurniawan, J Iskandar, ...
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 54 (1), 012093, 2017
Dynamics of an agent-based opinion model with complete social connectivity network
H Alatas, S Nurhimawan, F Asmat, H Hardhienata
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 101, 24-32, 2017
The role of Kleinman symmetry in the simplified bond hyperpolarizability model
A Alejo-Molina, H Hardhienata
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 31 (1), 012020, 2016
Study of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in 2D Photonic Crystals with Defect Using Green’s Tensor Method
H Hardhienata
Thesis]. Bandung: Study Program of Physics, ITB, 2008
Optimization of thermal efisiency of cooking stove with rice-husk fuel in supporting the proliferation of altenative enrgy in Indonesia
DH Irzaman, H Alatas, HAD Irmansyah, MN Indro, H Hardhienata, ...
Procceding Symposium on Advanced Technological Development of Biomass …, 2009
Analysis of one dimensional photonic crystals with defect and asymmetric edges for sensor application
H Mayditia, H Hardhienata, H Alatas
MH 21, 4, 2005
Modeling the thermal response of Al0. 3Ga0. 7as/GaAs/Ge multijunction solar cells
T Sumaryada, NE Damayanti, S Rohaeni, H Syafutra, A Maddu, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 877 (1), 012030, 2017
Real-time optical sensor based on one dimensional photonic crystals with defects
M Rahmat, TP Negara, H Hardhienata, H Alatas
International Conference on Instrumentation, Communication, Information …, 2009
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