Isman Kurniawan
Isman Kurniawan
School of Computing, Telkom University
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In-vitro molecular docking analysis of microalgae extracted phycocyanin as an anti-diabetic candidate
HSH Munawaroh, GG Gumilar, F Nurjanah, G Yuliani, S Aisyah, D Kurnia, ...
Biochemical Engineering Journal 161, 107666, 2020
Photostabilization of phycocyanin from Spirulina platensis modified by formaldehyde
HSH Munawaroh, GG Gumilar, CR Alifia, M Marthania, B Stellasary, ...
Process Biochemistry 94, 297-304, 2020
Theoretical study on interaction of cytochrome f and plastocyanin complex by a simple coarse-grained model with molecular crowding effect
S Nakagawa, I Kurniawan, K Kodama, MS Arwansyah, K Kawaguchi, ...
Molecular Physics 116 (5-6), 666-677, 2018
Implementation of machine learning methods for monitoring and predicting water quality parameters
G Hayder, I Kurniawan, HM Mustafa
Biointerf. Res. Appl. Chem 11, 9285-9295, 2021
A coarse-grained model of the effective interaction for charged amino acid residues and its application to formation of GCN4-pLI tetramer
K Kawaguchi, S Nakagawa, I Kurniawan, K Kodama, MS Arwansyah, ...
Molecular Physics 116 (5-6), 649-657, 2018
Analyzing TF-IDF and word embedding for implementing automation in job interview grading
AW Romadon, KM Lhaksmana, I Kurniawan, D Richasdy
2020 8th International Conference on Information and Communicationá…, 2020
Implementation of ensemble methods on QSAR Study of NS3 inhibitor activity as anti-dengue agent
I Kurniawan, M Rosalinda, N Ikhsan
SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research 31 (6), 477-492, 2020
QSAR modeling of PTP1B inhibitor by using Genetic algorithm-Neural network methods
I Kurniawan, D Tarwidi
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1192 (1), 012059, 2019
Theoretical studies of Thiazolyl-Pyrazoline derivatives as promising drugs against malaria by QSAR modelling combined with molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation
A Arwansyah, AR Arif, G Syahputra, S Sukarti, I Kurniawan
Molecular Simulation 47 (12), 988-1001, 2021
QSAR study of fusidic acid derivative as anti-malaria agents by using artificial neural network-genetic algorithm
HF Azmi, KM Lhaksmana, I Kurniawan
2020 8th International Conference on Information and Communicationá…, 2020
Molecular modelling on SARS-CoV-2 papain-like protease: an integrated study with homology modelling, molecular docking, and molecular dynamics simulations
A Arwansyah, AR Arif, I Ramli, I Kurniawan, S Sukarti, M Nur Alam, I Illing, ...
SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research 32 (9), 699-718, 2021
Predicting water quality parameters in a complex river system
I Kurniawan, G Hayder, HM Mustafa
Journal of Ecological Engineering 22 (1), 2021
Implementation of simulated annealing-support vector machine on QSAR study of fusidic acid derivatives as anti-malarial agent
F Rahman, KM Lhaksmana, I Kurniawan
2020 6th International Conference on Interactive Digital Media (ICIDM), 1-4, 2020
CoMFA, molecular docking and molecular dynamics studies on cycloguanil analogues as potent antimalarial agents
I Kurniawan, MS Fareza, P Iswanto
Indonesian Journal of Chemistry 21 (1), 66-76, 2020
Theoretical studies on association/dissociation process of plastocyanin and cytochrome f in photosynthesis
I Kurniawan, T Matsui, S Nakagawa, K Kawaguchi, H Nagao
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1136 (1), 012026, 2018
A Theoretical Study on Redox Potential and pKa of [2Fe-2S] Cluster Model from Iron-Sulfur Proteins
I Kurniawan, K Kawaguchi, M Shoji, T Matsui, Y Shigeta, H Nagao
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 91 (9), 1451-1456, 2018
Text analysis of applicants for personality classification using multinomial na´ve bayes and decision tree
NY Hutama, KM Lhaksmana, I Kurniawan
JURNAL INFOTEL 12 (3), 72-81, 2020
Implementation Information Gain Feature Selection for Hoax News Detection on Twitter using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
HK Farid, EB Setiawan, I Kurniawan
Indonesia Journal on Computing (Indo-JC) 5 (3), 23-36, 2020
Improving The Effectiveness of Classification Using The Data Level Approach and Feature Selection Techniques in Online Shoppers Purchasing Intention Prediction
I Kurniawan, MF Akbar, DF Saepudin, MS Azis, M Tabrani
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1641 (1), 012083, 2020
Hoax Detection System on Twitter using Feed-Forward and Back-Propagation Neural Networks Classification Method
CW Kencana, EB Setiawan, I Kurniawan
Jurnal RESTI (Rekayasa Sistem Dan Teknologi Informasi) 4 (4), 655-663, 2020
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