Muataz Al-Barwani, Ph.D.
Muataz Al-Barwani, Ph.D.
New York University Abu Dhabi
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Molecular dynamics simulation of main chain liquid crystalline polymers
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Effect of temperature and capsid tail on the packing and ejection of semiflexible polymers
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Atomistic simulation and ab initio study of the defect structure of spinel-related Li0. 5− 0.5 xMgxFe2. 5− 0.5 xO4
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Atomistic and ab initio DFT modelling of the defect structures in Al3+/Cr3+-doped and co-doped Y3Fe5O12
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The effect of hydrogen on the magnetic properties of FeV superlattice
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Computer modeling of liquid crystals
MS Al-Barwani
University of Bristol, 2000
Observation of a bubble texture at the cholesteric to homeotropic-nematic transition in a confined chiral nematic liquid crystal
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Enhanced Software Management Environment based on Linux Environment Modules aimed to enforce scientific integrity in complex software environments
J Naranjo, B Marchand, M Al-Barwani
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