Karisma Trinanda Putra
Karisma Trinanda Putra
Department of Electrical Engineering, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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A systematic review of federated learning in the healthcare area: From the perspective of data properties and applications
Prayitno, CR Shyu, KT Putra, HC Chen, YY Tsai, KSMT Hossain, W Jiang, ...
Applied Sciences 11 (23), 11191, 2021
Federated compressed learning edge computing framework with ensuring data privacy for PM2. 5 prediction in smart city sensing applications
KT Putra, HC Chen, Prayitno, MR Ogiela, CL Chou, CE Weng, ZY Shae
Sensors 21 (13), 4586, 2021
Energy harvesting on footsteps using piezoelectric based on circuit lct3588 and boost up converter
SS Iswanto, F Mujahid, KT Putra, NP Apriyanto, Y Apriani
Int. J. Electr. Comput. Eng 8 (6), 4104-4110, 2018
A spatiotemporal data compression approach with low transmission cost and high data fidelity for an air quality monitoring system
HC Chen, KT Putra, SS Tseng, CL Chen, JCW Lin
Future Generation Computer Systems 108, 488-500, 2020
Implementation of Backpropagation Artificial Neural Network as a Forecasting System of Power Transformer Peak Load at Bumiayu Substation
FD Syahfitra, R Syahputra, KT Putra
Journal of Electrical Technology UMY 1 (3), 118-125, 2017
A Novel Predictor for Exploring PM2. 5 Spatiotemporal Propagation by Using Convolutional Recursive Neural Networks
HC Chen, KT Putra, CE Weng, JCW Lin
Journal of Internet Technology 23 (1), 165-176, 2022
Pulse-line intersection method with unboxed artificial intelligence for hesitant pulse wave classification
HC Chen, C Damarjati, KT Putra, HMI Chen, CL Hsieh, HJ Lin, MY Wu, ...
Information Processing & Management 59 (2), 102855, 2022
Week-Wise Student Performance Early Prediction in Virtual Learning Environment Using a Deep Explainable Artificial Intelligence
HC Chen, E Prasetyo, SS Tseng, KT Putra, SS Kusumawardani, CE Weng
Applied Sciences 12 (4), 1885, 2022
Precision landing system on H-octocopter drone using complementary filter
KT Putra, RO Wiyagi, MY Mustar
2018 International Conference on Audio, Language and Image Processing …, 2018
Implementasi Metode Vulnerability Dan Hardening Pada Sistem Keamanan Jaringan
F Sirait, K Putra
Jurnal Teknologi Elektro, Universitas Mercu Buana 9 (1), 2018
An implementation of trust chain framework with hierarchical content identifier mechanism by using blockchain technology
HC Chen, B Irawan, PY Hsu, JS Su, CW Lin, Prayitno, KT Putra, ...
Sensors 22 (13), 4831, 2022
University course timetabling with genetic algorithm: A case study
TA Nugraha, KT Putra, N Hayati
Journal of Electrical Technology UMY 1 (2), 100-105, 2017
Web-based flood hazard monitoring
ANN Chamim, DC Hardyanto, KT Putra
Journal of Robotics and Control (JRC) 2 (5), 373-379, 2021
A novel fuzzy approach for multi-objective optimization of distribution network configuration in complex system
R Syahputra, RO Wiyagi, S Suripto, A Jamal, KT Putra, F Mujaahid
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 13 (2), 1120-1127, 2018
Potentials of Organic Waste Conversion in a Green Campus Concept
F Mujaahid, AM Fauzi, R Syahputra, KT Putra, K Purwanto
Journal of Electrical Technology UMY 1 (4), 183-188, 2017
Analysis of Steam Power Generators in Fulfilling Electricity Needs: A Case Study at PT Madubaru Yogyakarta, Indonesia
DD Istiawan, R Syahputra, KT Putra
Journal of Electrical Technology UMY 1 (4), 189-195, 2017
Forecasting air quality using massive-scale wsn based on convolutional LSTM network
KT Putra, EF Cahyadi, AS Mamonto, SS Berutu, S Muharom
2021 1st International Conference on Electronic and Electrical Engineering …, 2021
Feature Extraction for Quality Modeling of Malang Oranges on an Automatic Fruit Sorting System
KT Putra, TK Hariadi, S Riyadi, ANN Chamim
2018 2nd International Conference on Imaging, Signal Processing and …, 2018
Indonesian natural voice command for robotic applications
KT Putra, D Purwanto, R Mardiyanto
2015 International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Informatics …, 2015
High accuracy real time machine vision for diameter measurement using simpson algorithm
TK Hariadi, H Zidni, KT Putra, S Riyadi
2018 International Conference on Information and Communication Technology …, 2018
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