Dwi Hindarti
Dwi Hindarti
Master of Health Sciences, Research Center for Oceanography
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Sediment contaminants and their toxicity in Kelabat Bay, Bangka Province
D Hindarti, Z Arifin, R Puspitasari, E Rochyatun
Marine Research in Indonesia 33 (1), 203-212, 2008
Korelasi antara logam berat dalam sedimen dan toksisitasnya terhadap diatom, Chaetoceros gracilis
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Oseanologi dan Limnologi di Indonesia 35 (2), 131-149, 2009
Uji toksisitas sedimen dengan diatom planktonik, Chaetoceros gracilis
D Hindarti
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Effects of cyanide on ornamental coral fish (Chromis viridis)
Z Arifin, D Hindarti
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Abundance of planktonic crustacean larvae, especially decapods, in the northern Arafura Sea in relation to the monsoons
K Romimohtarto, D Hindarti
Netherlands Journal of Sea Research 25 (4), 585-589, 1990
Preliminary study the response of amphipod, Grandidierella sp. to contaminated sediment of Jakarta Bay
D Hindarti, R Puspitasari, Z Arifin
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Toxicity of Ammonia to Benthic Amphipod Grandidierella bonnieroides: Potential as Confounding Factor in Sediment Bioasssy.
D Hindarti, Z Arifin, T Prartono, E Riani, HS Sanusi
Indonesian Journal of Marine Sciences/Ilmu Kelautan 20 (4), 2015
Survival of tropical benthic amphipod grandidierella bonnieroides stephensen 1948 on different sediment particle size: implications for ecotoxicological testing
D Hindarti, Z Arifin, T Prartono, E Riani, HS Sanusi
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Distribution of cadmium in the cockle (Katelysia scalarina) in Princess Royal Harbour, Albany, Western Australia
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Development of toxicity testing protocols for ASEAN species
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Speciation of heavy metals Cu, Ni and Zn by modified BCR sequential extraction procedure in sediments from Banten Bay, Banten Province, Indonesia
F Budiyanto, D Hindarti
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Correlation between metals content in sediment and its toxicity to diatom Chaetoceros gracilis in Klabat Bay, Bangka
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L Lestari, F Budiyanto, R Puspitasari, T Purbonegoro, MR Cordova, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 2024 (1), 020062, 2018
Acute toxicity of cadmium to amphipod Grandidierella bonnieroides: implications as test organism for sediment bioassay
D Hindarti, HS Sanusi, T Prartono, E Riani, Z Arifin
Aquaculture, Aquarium, Conservation & Legislation 9 (5), 1182-1190, 2016
Testing Toxicity of Lead and Cadmium in Micro Algae Chaetoceros gracilis
MD Setiawati, D Hindarti, R Kaswadji
Proc of the 16th Tri-University International Joint Seminar and Symposium, 2009
Inhibition Effects of Jakarta Bay Sediments to the Growth of Marine Diatom (Chaetoceros Gracilis)
T Purbonegoro, MR Cordova, R Puspitasari, D Hindarti
Bulletin of the Marine Geology 33 (2), 2019
Copper (Cu) and Cadmium (Cd) toxicity on growth, chlorophyll-a and carotenoid content of phytoplankton Nitzschia sp
D Hindarti, AW Larasati
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 236 (1), 012053, 2019
Cadmium (Cd) & copper (Cu) toxicity on growth of Nannochloris sp.
D Hindarti, WK Wardani, S Hadisusanto
AIP Conference Proceedings 2024 (1), 020069, 2018
Speciation of copper and nickel in sediment from Benoa Bay, Bali by modified BCR procedure
F Budiyanto, L Lestari, D Hindarti, A Rozak, MT Kaisupy, T Purbonegoro, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 2024 (1), 020050, 2018
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