Simon Kumar Das Ph.D.
Simon Kumar Das Ph.D.
Associate Professor, National University of Malaysia (UKM)
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Heavy metal concentration in fishes from the coastal waters of Kapar and Mersing, Malaysia
FH Bashir, MS Othman, AG Mazlan, SM Rahim, KD Simon
Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 13 (2), 375-382, 2013
Population growth, trophic level, and reproductive biology of two congeneric archer fishes (Toxotes chatareus, Hamilton 1822 and Toxotes jaculatrix, Pallas 1767…
KD Simon, Y Bakar, A Samat, CC Zaidi, A Aziz, AG Mazlan
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B 10 (12), 902, 2009
Morphometric and meristic variation in two congeneric archer fishes Toxotes chatareus (Hamilton 1822) and Toxotes jaculatrix (Pallas 1767) inhabiting Malaysian…
KD Simon, Y Bakar, SE Temple, AG Mazlan
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B 11 (11), 871-879, 2010
Aspects of the reproductive biology of two archer fishes Toxotes chatareus, (Hamilton 1822) and Toxotes jaculatrix (Pallas 1767)
KD Simon, Y Bakar, AG Mazlan, CC Zaidi, A Samat, A Arshad, SE Temple, ...
Environmental Biology of Fishes 93 (4), 491-503, 2012
Length-Weight and Length-Length Relationships of Archer and Puffer Fish Species
KD Simon, AG Mazlan
The Open Fish Science Journal 1 (1), 19-22, 2008
Trophic position of archerfish species (Toxotes chatareus and Toxotes jaculatrix) in the Malaysian estuaries
KD Simon, AG Mazlan
Journal of Applied Ichthyology 26 (1), 84-88, 2010
Effect of temperature and diet on growth and gastric emptying time of the hybrid, Epinephelus fuscoguttatus♀ E. lanceolatus♂
SK De, M., Ghaffar, M.A., Bakar, Y. & Das
Aquaculture Reports 4, 118-124, 2016
Size, growth and age of two congeneric archer fishes (Toxotes jaculatrix Pallas, 1767 and Toxotes chatareus Hamilton, 1822) inhabiting Malaysian coastal waters
KD Simon, AG Mazlan, A Samat, CC Zaidi, A Aziz
Sains Malaysiana 39 (5), 697-704, 2010
Temperature effect on gastric emptying time of hybrid grouper (Epinephelus spp.)
M De, MA Ghaffar, SK Das
AIP Conference proceedings 1614 (1), 616-618, 2014
Hepatoprotective effect of Cymbopogon citratus aqueous extract against hydrogen peroxide-induced liver injury in male rats
SM Rahim, EM Taha, MS Al-janabi, BI Al-douri, KD Simon, AG Mazlan
African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines 11…, 2014
Is laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy safer than laparoscopic gastric bypass? a comparison of 30-day complications using the MBSAQIP data registry
SB Kumar, BC Hamilton, SG Wood, SJ Rogers, JT Carter, MY Lin
Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases 14 (3), 264-269, 2018
Protective effect of Cymbopogon citratus on hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative stress in the reproductive system of male rats
SM Rahim, EM Taha, ZM Mubark, SS Aziz, KD Simon, AG Mazlan
Systems biology in reproductive medicine 59 (6), 329-336, 2013
Age determination of archer fishes (Toxotes jaculatrix and Toxotes chatareus) inhabiting Malaysian estuaries
KD Simon, AG Mazlan, ZC Cob, A Samat, A Arshad
Journal of Biological Sciences 8 (6), 1096-1099, 2008
Length-weight relationship and relative condition factor of Pampus argenteus (Euphrasen) from Kakdwip esturine region of West Bengal
JO Devi, TS Nagesh, SK Das, B Mandal
J. Inland Fish. Soc. India 40 (2), 70-73, 2008
Status and decline causes of fish diversity of Baral River, Natore, Bangladesh
FA Flowra, MA Islam, SN Jahan, MA Hussain, MM Alam, FA Bashir, ...
Aquaculture, Aquarium, Conservation & Legislation 6 (4), 352-357, 2013
Crude protein and amino acids content in some common feeds of tiger grouper (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus) juvenile
AA Muhammadar, AG Mazlan, A Samat, ZA Muchlisin, KD Simon
AACL Bioflux 4 (4), 149-504, 2011
Length-weight relationship and trophic level of hard-tail scad Megalaspis cordyla
SK Das, M De, MA Ghaffar
Sci. Asia 40 (5), 317-322, 2014
Impact of Sariakandi fish pass on fisheries diversity of Bangali river, Bogra, Bangladesh
M De, MA Hussain, MM Alam, AG Mazlan, KD Simon
Aquaculture, Aquarium, Conservation & Legislation 4 (5), 621-626, 2011
Toxicity of puffer fishes (Lagocephalus wheeleri Abe, tabeta and kitahama, 1984 and Lagocephalus sceleratus Gmelin, 1789) from the east coast waters of peninsular Malaysia
KD Simon, AG Mazlan, G Usup
Journal of Biological Sciences 9 (5), 482-487, 2009
Cadmium accumulation in different tissues of common carp, Cyprinus carpio treated with activated charcoal, EDTA and single superphosphate
S Das, A Kaviraj
GEOBIOS-JODHPUR- 27 (2/3), 69-72, 2000
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