Ali Altway
Ali Altway
Department of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
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Production of liquid fuel from plastic waste using integrated pyrolysis method with refinery distillation bubble cap plate column
R Thahir, A Altway, SR Juliastuti
Energy reports 5, 70-77, 2019
Solvent-free microwave extraction of essential oil from dried patchouli (Pogostemon cablin Benth) leaves
HS Kusuma, A Altway, M Mahfud
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 58, 343-348, 2018
Effect of particle size on simulation of three-dimensional solid dispersion in stirred tank
A Altway, H Setyawan, S Winardi
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 79 (8), 1011-1016, 2001
A facile method for the production of high-surface-area mesoporous silica gels from geothermal sludge
S Muljani, H Setyawan, G Wibawa, A Altway
Advanced Powder Technology 25 (5), 1593-1599, 2014
Methane production from coffee pulp by microorganism of rumen fluid and cow dung in co-digestion
T Widjaja, T Iswanto, A Altway, M Shovitri, SR Juliastuti
Chemical engineering transactions 56, 1465-1470, 2017
Macro-instability characteristic in agitated tank based on flow visualization experiment and large eddy simulation
T Nurtono, H Setyawan, A Altway, S Winardi
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 87 (7), 923-942, 2009
Optimization of process conditions for tannin content reduction in cassava leaves during solid state fermentation using Saccharomyces cerevisiae
M Hawashi, A Altway, T Widjaja, S Gunawan
Heliyon 5 (8), e02298, 2019
Optimization of microwave hydrodistillation of dried patchouli leaves by response surface methodology.
HS Kusuma, ME Syahputra, D Parasandi, A Altway, M Mahfud
Rasāyan Journal of Chemistry 10 (3), 861-865, 2017
Modelling of the single staggered wire and tube heat exchanger
IM Arsana, K Budhikardjono, A Susianto, A Altway
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 11 (8), 5591-5599, 2016
Optimization of the single staggered wire and tube heat exchanger
IM Arsana, K Budhikarjono, A Altway
MATEC Web of Conferences 58, 01017, 2016
Measurement and Correlation of Isothermal Binary Vapor–Liquid Equilibrium for Diethyl Carbonate + Isooctane/n-Heptane/Toluene Systems
RP Anugraha, A Altway, G Wibawa
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 62 (8), 2362-2366, 2017
Vapor pressures of diethyl carbonate+ ethanol binary mixture and diethyl carbonate+ ethanol+ isooctane/toluene ternary mixtures at temperatures range of 303.15–323.15 K
RP Anugraha, A Wiguno, A Altway, G Wibawa
Journal of Molecular Liquids 264, 32-37, 2018
Preliminary study: comparison of kinetic models of oil extraction from vetiver (vetiveria zizanioides) by microwave hydrodistillation
HS Kusuma, TI Rohadi, EF Daniswara, A Altway, M Mahfud
Korean Chemical Engineering Research 55 (4), 574-577, 2017
The effects of microorganism on coffee pulp pretreatment as a source of biogas production
SR Juliastuti, T Widjaja, A Altway, VA Sari, D Arista, T Iswanto
MATEC Web of Conferences 156, 03010, 2018
The effect of pretreatment and variety of microorganisms to the production of ethanol from coffee pulp
T Widjaja, A Altway, S Nurkhamidah, L Edahwati, FZ Lini, F Oktafia
Arpn J. Eng. Appl. Sci 11, 1056-1060, 2016
Analisis perpindahan panas dengan konveksi bebas dan radiasi pada penukar panas jenis pipa dan kawat
M Arsana, WP Fathurrahman Malik, A Alway, Z Ma’sum
Jurnal Teknik Kimia 7 (1), 1-7, 2013
Biodegradation of extractable petroleum hydrocarbons by consortia Bacillus cereus and Pseudomonas putida in petroleum contaminated-soil
A Tuhuloula, S Suprapto, A Altway, SR Juliastuti
Indonesian Journal of Chemistry 19 (2), 347-355, 2019
Pengaruh HRT dan Beban COD Terhadap Pembentukan Gas Metan pada Proses Anaerobic Digestion Menggunakan Limbah Padat Tepung Tapioka
T Widjaja, A Altway, P Prameswarhi, FS Wattimena
Jurnal Institut Teknologi Surabaya, 2008
Kinetic study in the extraction of essential oil from clove (Syzgium aromaticum) stem using microwave hydrodistillation
H Haqqyana, VFW Tania, AM Suyadi, HS Kusuma, A Altway, M Mahfud
Moroccan Journal of Chemistry 8 (1), 8-1 (2020) 064-071, 2020
Biogas production from pretreated coffee-pulp waste by mixture of cow dung and rumen fluid in co-digestion
SR Juliastuti, T Widjaja, A Altway, T Iswanto
AIP Conference Proceedings 1840 (1), 110011, 2017
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