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Quorum quenching quandary: resistance to antivirulence compounds
T Maeda, R García-Contreras, M Pu, L Sheng, LR Garcia, M Tomás, ...
The ISME journal 6 (3), 493-501, 2012
Role of quorum sensing in bacterial infections
I Castillo-Juárez, T Maeda, EA Mandujano-Tinoco, M Tomás, ...
World Journal of Clinical Cases: WJCC 3 (7), 575, 2015
Enhanced hydrogen production from glucose by metabolically engineered Escherichia coli
T Maeda, V Sanchez-Torres, TK Wood
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 77, 879-890, 2007
Metabolic engineering to enhance bacterial hydrogen production
T Maeda, V Sanchez‐Torres, TK Wood
Microbial Biotechnology 1 (1), 30-39, 2008
Quorum sensing enhancement of the stress response promotes resistance to quorum quenching and prevents social cheating
R García-Contreras, L Nunez-Lopez, R Jasso-Chávez, BW Kwan, ...
The ISME journal 9 (1), 115-125, 2015
Influence of pretreated activated sludge for electricity generation in microbial fuel cell application
MZM Yusoff, A Hu, C Feng, T Maeda, Y Shirai, MA Hassan, CP Yu
Bioresource technology 145, 90-96, 2013
Metabolically engineered bacteria for producing hydrogen via fermentation
G Vardar‐Schara, T Maeda, TK Wood
Microbial Biotechnology 1 (2), 107-125, 2008
Reconfiguring the Quorum-Sensing Regulator SdiA of Escherichia coli To Control Biofilm Formation via Indole and N-Acylhomoserine Lactones
J Lee, T Maeda, SH Hong, TK Wood
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 75 (6), 1703-1716, 2009
Biochar enhanced the nitrifying and denitrifying bacterial communities during the composting of poultry manure and rice straw
MH Zainudin, NA Mustapha, T Maeda, N Ramli, K Sakai, M Hassan
Waste Management 106, 240-249, 2020
Resistance to quorum-quenching compounds
R García-Contreras, T Maeda, TK Wood
Applied and environmental microbiology 79 (22), 6840-6846, 2013
Escherichia coli hydrogenase 3 is a reversible enzyme possessing hydrogen uptake and synthesis activities
T Maeda, V Sanchez-Torres, TK Wood
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 76, 1035-1042, 2007
Resistance to the quorum-quenching compounds brominated furanone C-30 and 5-fluorouracil in Pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolates
R García-Contreras, M Martínez-Vázquez, N Velázquez Guadarrama, ...
Pathogens and disease 68 (1), 8-11, 2013
Isolation, identification of sludge-lysing strain and its utilization in thermophilic aerobic digestion for waste activated sludge
X Li, H Ma, Q Wang, S Matsumoto, T Maeda, HI Ogawa
Bioresource technology 100 (9), 2475-2481, 2009
Open fermentative production of l-lactic acid with high optical purity by thermophilic Bacillus coagulans using excess sludge as nutrient
K Ma, T Maeda, H You, Y Shirai
Bioresource Technology 151, 28-35, 2014
Can resistance against quorum-sensing interference be selected?
R García-Contreras, T Maeda, TK Wood
The ISME journal 10 (1), 4-10, 2016
Hydrogen production by recombinant Escherichia coli strains
T Maeda, V Sanchez‐Torres, TK Wood
Microbial Biotechnology 5 (2), 214-225, 2012
Inhibition of hydrogen uptake in Escherichia coli by expressing the hydrogenase from the cyanobacterium Synechocystissp. PCC 6803
T Maeda, G Vardar, WT Self, TK Wood
BMC biotechnology 7, 1-12, 2007
Microalgae-bacteria interaction in palm oil mill effluent treatment
AFM Udaiyappan, HA Hasan, MS Takriff, SRS Abdullah, T Maeda, ...
Journal of Water Process Engineering 35, 101203, 2020
Cu2O/TiO2 decorated on cellulose nanofiber/reduced graphene hydrogel for enhanced photocatalytic activity and its antibacterial applications
ALT Zheng, S Sabidi, T Ohno, T Maeda, Y Andou
Chemosphere 286, 131731, 2022
CO2 sequestration by methanogens in activated sludge for methane production
NHM Yasin, T Maeda, A Hu, CP Yu, TK Wood
Applied Energy 142, 426-434, 2015
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