Jayne Thompson
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How discord underlies the noise resilience of quantum illumination
C Weedbrook, S Pirandola, J Thompson, V Vedral, M Gu
New Journal of Physics 18 (4), 043027, 2016
Unified approach to contextuality, nonlocality, and temporal correlations
M Markiewicz, P Kurzyński, J Thompson, SY Lee, A Soeda, T Paterek, ...
Physical Review A 89 (4), 042109, 2014
Power of one qumode for quantum computation
N Liu, J Thompson, C Weedbrook, S Lloyd, V Vedral, M Gu, K Modi
Physical Review A 93 (5), 052304, 2016
The classical-quantum divergence of complexity in modelling spin chains
WY Suen, J Thompson, AJP Garner, V Vedral, M Gu
Quantum 1, 25, 2017
Operational resource theory of continuous-variable nonclassicality
B Yadin, FC Binder, J Thompson, V Narasimhachar, M Gu, MS Kim
Physical Review X 8 (4), 041038, 2018
Towards quantifying complexity with quantum mechanics
R Tan, DR Terno, J Thompson, V Vedral, M Gu
The European Physical Journal Plus 129 (9), 191, 2014
Practical unitary simulator for non-markovian complex processes
FC Binder, J Thompson, M Gu
Physical review letters 120 (24), 240502, 2018
Using quantum theory to simplify input–output processes
J Thompson, AJP Garner, V Vedral, M Gu
npj Quantum Information 3 (1), 6, 2017
Causal asymmetry in a quantum world
J Thompson, AJP Garner, JR Mahoney, JP Crutchfield, V Vedral, M Gu
Physical Review X 8 (3), 031013, 2018
Thermodynamics of complexity and pattern manipulation
AJP Garner, J Thompson, V Vedral, M Gu
Physical Review E 95 (4), 042140, 2017
Provably unbounded memory advantage in stochastic simulation using quantum mechanics
AJP Garner, Q Liu, J Thompson, V Vedral
New Journal of Physics 19 (10), 103009, 2017
Experimental cyclic interconversion between coherence and quantum correlations
KD Wu, Z Hou, YY Zhao, GY Xiang, CF Li, GC Guo, J Ma, QY He, ...
Physical review letters 121 (5), 050401, 2018
Replicating the benefits of Deutschian closed timelike curves without breaking causality
X Yuan, SM Assad, J Thompson, JY Haw, V Vedral, TC Ralph, PK Lam, ...
Npj Quantum Information 1, 15007, 2015
Coherent states of composite bosons
SY Lee, J Thompson, P Kurzyński, A Soeda, D Kaszlikowski
Physical Review A 88 (6), 063602, 2013
SO (10) domain-wall brane models
JE Thompson, RR Volkas
Physical Review D 80 (12), 125016, 2009
Quantum plug n’play: modular computation in the quantum regime
J Thompson, K Modi, V Vedral, M Gu
New Journal of Physics 20 (1), 013004, 2018
Recent advances in contextuality tests
J Thompson, P Kurzyński, SY Lee, A Soeda, D Kaszlikowski
Open Systems & Information Dynamics 23 (02), 1650009, 2016
Quantum information approach to Bose–Einstein condensation of composite bosons
SY Lee, J Thompson, S Raeisi, P Kurzyński, D Kaszlikowski
New Journal of Physics 17 (11), 113015, 2015
Domain-wall branes in Lifshitz theories
JE Thompson, RR Volkas
Physical Review D 82 (11), 116007, 2010
Quantum computing with black-box subroutines
J Thompson, M Gu, K Modi, V Vedral
arXiv preprint arXiv:1310.2927, 2013
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