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Enhancing long-term photostability of BiVO 4 photoanodes for solar water splitting by tuning electrolyte composition
DK Lee, KS Choi
Nature Energy 3 (1), 53-60, 2018
Highly porous gallium oxide with a high CO2 affinity for the photocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide into methane
H Park, JH Choi, KM Choi, DK Lee, JK Kang
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (12), 5304-5307, 2012
Efficient Co–Fe layered double hydroxide photocatalysts for water oxidation under visible light
SJ Kim, Y Lee, DK Lee, JW Lee, JK Kang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (12), 4136-4139, 2014
Progress on ternary oxide-based photoanodes for use in photoelectrochemical cells for solar water splitting
DK Lee, D Lee, MA Lumley, KS Choi
Chemical Society Reviews 48 (7), 2126-2157, 2019
Encapsulation of redox polysulphides via chemical interaction with nitrogen atoms in the organic linkers of metal-organic framework nanocrystals
JH Park, KM Choi, DK Lee, BC Moon, SR Shin, MK Song, JK Kang
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-9, 2016
Rescaling of metal oxide nanocrystals for energy storage having high capacitance and energy density with robust cycle life
HM Jeong, KM Choi, T Cheng, DK Lee, R Zhou, IW Ock, DJ Milliron, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (26), 7914-7919, 2015
General technoeconomic analysis for electrochemical coproduction coupling carbon dioxide reduction with organic oxidation
J Na, B Seo, J Kim, CW Lee, H Lee, YJ Hwang, BK Min, DK Lee, HS Oh, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-13, 2019
A Light Harvesting Antenna Using Natural Extract Graminoids Coupled with Plasmonic Metal Nanoparticles for Bio‐Photovoltaic Cells
GWP Adhyaksa, EC Prima, DK Lee, I Ock, S Yatman, B Yuliarto, JK Kang
Advanced Energy Materials 4 (18), 1400470, 2014
Integrating a Semitransparent, Fullerene-Free Organic Solar Cell in Tandem with a BiVO4 Photoanode for Unassisted Solar Water Splitting
Y Peng, GV Govindaraju, DK Lee, KS Choi, TL Andrew
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 (27), 22449-22455, 2017
Coupled Near‐and Far‐Field Scattering in Silver Nanoparticles for High‐Efficiency, Stable, and Thin Plasmonic Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cells
GWP Adhyaksa, SW Baek, GI Lee, DK Lee, JY Lee, JK Kang
ChemSusChem 7 (9), 2461-2468, 2014
A facile synthesis of multi metal-doped rectangular ZnO nanocrystals using a nanocrystalline metal–organic framework template
DK Lee, JH Park, JI Choi, Y Lee, SJ Kim, GH Lee, YH Kim, JK Kang
Nanoscale 6 (19), 10995-11001, 2014
Energy States of a Core‐Shell Metal Oxide Photocatalyst Enabling Visible Light Absorption and Utilization in Solar‐to‐Fuel Conversion of Carbon Dioxide
DK Lee, JI Choi, GH Lee, YH Kim, JK Kang
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (14), 1600583, 2016
Graphitic domain layered titania nanotube arrays for separation and shuttling of solar-driven electrons
DK Lee, KS Han, WH Shin, JW Lee, JH Choi, KM Choi, Y Lee, H Kim, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1 (2), 203-207, 2013
Turning Harmful Deposition of Metal Impurities into Activation of Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Catalyst toward Durable Electrochemical CO2 Reduction
C Kim, YK Choe, DH Won, U Lee, HS Oh, DK Lee, CH Choi, S Yoon, ...
ACS Energy Letters 4 (9), 2343-2350, 2019
Broadband Light Absorption and Efficient Charge Separation Using a Light Scattering Layer with Mixed Cavities for High‐Performance Perovskite Photovoltaic Cells with Stability
BC Moon, JH Park, DK Lee, N Tsvetkov, I Ock, KM Choi, JK Kang
Small 13 (30), 1700418, 2017
Nature of N 2p, Ti 3d, O 2p Hybridization of N‐Doped TiO2 Nanotubes and Superior Photovoltaic Performance through Selective Atomic N Doping
KS Han, DK Lee, JW Lee, GI Lee, JK Kang
Chemistry–A European Journal 17 (9), 2579-2582, 2011
Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 Photocathodes with a Grown-In CuxS Catalyst for Solar Water Splitting
B Kim, GS Park, YJ Hwang, DH Won, W Kim, DK Lee, BK Min
ACS Energy Letters 4 (12), 2937-2944, 2019
Fabrication of heterogeneous exposed core–shell catalyst array using the space specificity of an embodied micelle and their application to a high performance photocatalyst
JH Park, KM Choi, JH Choi, DK Lee, HJ Jeon, HY Jeong, JK Kang
Chemical Communications 48 (89), 11002-11004, 2012
Method for fabricating a high efficiency bio-photovoltaic cells by using plasmonic silver nanoparticles and natural extracted graminoids
JK Kang, GWP Adhyaksa, DK Lee, IW Ock
US Patent 9,293,265, 2016
Semiconductor photocatalyst coated with graphitic carbon film and method of fabricating the same
JK Kang, DK Lee, KS Han, WH Shin, J Lee, JH Choi, KM Choi, Y Lee
US Patent 8,987,164, 2015
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