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Identification and characterization of tumorigenic liver cancer stem/progenitor cells
S Ma, KW Chan, L Hu, TKW Lee, JYH Wo, IOL Ng, BJ Zheng, XY Guan
Gastroenterology 132 (7), 2542-2556, 2007
CD133+ HCC cancer stem cells confer chemoresistance by preferential expression of the Akt/PKB survival pathway
S Ma, TK Lee, BJ Zheng, KW Chan, XY Guan
Oncogene 27 (12), 1749-1758, 2008
CD24+ liver tumor-initiating cells drive self-renewal and tumor initiation through STAT3-mediated NANOG regulation
TKW Lee, A Castilho, VCH Cheung, KH Tang, S Ma, IOL Ng
Cell stem cell 9 (1), 50-63, 2011
Aldehyde dehydrogenase discriminates the CD133 liver cancer stem cell populations
S Ma, KW Chan, TKW Lee, KH Tang, JYH Wo, BJ Zheng, XY Guan
Molecular Cancer Research 6 (7), 1146-1153, 2008
Twist overexpression correlates with hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis through induction of epithelial-mesenchymal transition
TK Lee, RTP Poon, AP Yuen, MT Ling, WK Kwok, XH Wang, YC Wong, ...
Clinical cancer research 12 (18), 5369-5376, 2006
miR-130b Promotes CD133+ Liver Tumor-Initiating Cell Growth and Self-Renewal via Tumor Protein 53-Induced Nuclear Protein 1
S Ma, KH Tang, YP Chan, TK Lee, PS Kwan, A Castilho, I Ng, K Man, ...
Cell stem cell 7 (6), 694-707, 2010
Graft injury in relation to graft size in right lobe live donor liver transplantation: a study of hepatic sinusoidal injury in correlation with portal hemodynamics and …
K Man, ST Fan, CM Lo, CL Liu, PCW Fung, TB Liang, TKW Lee, SHT Tsui, ...
Annals of surgery 237 (2), 256, 2003
CD133+ liver tumor‐initiating cells promote tumor angiogenesis, growth, and self‐renewal through neurotensin/interleukin‐8/CXCL1 signaling
KH Tang, S Ma, TK Lee, YP Chan, PS Kwan, CM Tong, IO Ng, K Man, ...
Hepatology 55 (3), 807-820, 2012
Cancer-associated fibroblasts regulate tumor-initiating cell plasticity in hepatocellular carcinoma through c-Met/FRA1/HEY1 signaling
EYT Lau, J Lo, BYL Cheng, MKF Ma, JMF Lee, JKY Ng, S Chai, CH Lin, ...
Cell reports 15 (6), 1175-1189, 2016
DLC-1 is deleted in primary hepatocellular carcinoma and exerts inhibitory effects on the proliferation of hepatoma cell lines with deleted DLC-1
IO Ng, Z Liang, L Cao, TK Lee
Cancer research 60 (23), 6581-6584, 2000
Doxorubicin-induced apoptosis and chemosensitivity in hepatoma cell lines
T Lee, T Lau, I Ng
Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology 49 (1), 78-86, 2002
Warburg metabolism in tumor-conditioned macrophages promotes metastasis in human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
HL Penny, JL Sieow, G Adriani, WH Yeap, P See Chi Ee, B San Luis, ...
Oncoimmunology 5 (8), e1191731, 2016
Pin1 interacts with a specific serine-proline motif of hepatitis B virus X-protein to enhance hepatocarcinogenesis
R Pang, TKW Lee, RTP Poon, ST Fan, KB Wong, YL Kwong, E Tse
Gastroenterology 132 (3), 1088-1103, 2007
Blockade of CD47‐mediated cathepsin S/protease‐activated receptor 2 signaling provides a therapeutic target for hepatocellular carcinoma
TKW Lee, VCH Cheung, P Lu, EYT Lau, S Ma, KH Tang, M Tong, J Lo, ...
Hepatology 60 (1), 179-191, 2014
Octamer 4/microRNA‐1246 signaling axis drives Wnt/β‐catenin activation in liver cancer stem cells
S Chai, KY Ng, M Tong, EY Lau, TK Lee, KW Chan, YF Yuan, TT Cheung, ...
Hepatology 64 (6), 2062-2076, 2016
PIN1 overexpression and β-catenin gene mutations are distinct oncogenic events in human hepatocellular carcinoma
R Pang, J Yuen, MF Yuen, CL Lai, TKW Lee, K Man, RTP Poon, ST Fan, ...
Oncogene 23 (23), 4182-4186, 2004
Lupeol suppresses cisplatin-induced nuclear factor-κB activation in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and inhibits local invasion and nodal metastasis in an orthotopic nude …
TK Lee, RTP Poon, JY Wo, S Ma, XY Guan, JN Myers, P Altevogt, ...
Cancer research 67 (18), 8800-8809, 2007
Signal transducers and activators of transcription 5b activation enhances hepatocellular carcinoma aggressiveness through induction of epithelial-mesenchymal transition
TK Lee, K Man, RTP Poon, CM Lo, AP Yuen, IO Ng, KT Ng, W Leonard, ...
Cancer research 66 (20), 9948-9956, 2006
Ischemia‐reperfusion of small liver remnant promotes liver tumor growth and metastases—Activation of cell invasion and migration pathways
K Man, KT Ng, CM Lo, JW Ho, BS Sun, CK Sun, TK Lee, RTP Poon, ...
Liver transplantation 13 (12), 1669-1677, 2007
Targeting cadherin‐17 inactivates Wnt signaling and inhibits tumor growth in liver carcinoma
LX Liu, NP Lee, VW Chan, W Xue, L Zender, C Zhang, M Mao, H Dai, ...
Hepatology 50 (5), 1453-1463, 2009
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