Ryota Yamasaki
Ryota Yamasaki
Kyushu Dental University
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Viable but non‐culturable and persistence describe the same bacterial stress state
JS Kim, N Chowdhury, R Yamasaki, TK Wood
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Single cell observations show persister cells wake based on ribosome content
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Electron carriers increase electricity production in methane microbial fuel cells that reverse methanogenesis
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Interkingdom signal indole inhibits Pseudomonas aeruginosa persister cell waking
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Highly Selective Methane Production Through Electrochemical CO2 reduction by Electrolytically Plated Cu-Co Electrode
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Rhamnolipids and surfactin inhibit the growth or formation of oral bacterial biofilm
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Schizophyllum commune β-glucan: Effect on interleukin-10 expression induced by lipopolysaccharide from periodontopathic bacteria
C Thongsiri, Y Nagai-Yoshioka, R Yamasaki, Y Adachi, M Usui, ...
Carbohydrate Polymers 253, 117285, 2021
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