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Selly Anastassia Amellia Kharis
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Analysis of Mathematical Literacy on Students' Metacognition in Conic Section Material
SAAK E Salsabila, W Rahayu
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1417 (1), 012057, 2019
Multiclass Classification of Brain Cancer with Multiple Multiclass Artificial Bee Colony Feature Selection and Support Vector Machine
SAA Kharis, I Hadi, KA Hasanah
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1417 (1), 012015, 2019
Comparison of Support Vector Machine Recursive Feature Elimination and Kernel Function as feature selection using Support Vector Machine for lung cancer classification
Z Rustam, SAA Kharis
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1442 (1), 012027, 2020
Characteristics of problems for developing higher-order thinking skills in mathematics
TA Aziz, SAA Kharis
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1882 (1), 012074, 2021
A Comparison between Generative Learning and Conventional Learning Model on Students’ Mathematical Literacy in the 21st century
E Salsabila, W Rahayu, SAA Kharis, A Putri
Proceedings of the 7th Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science Education …, 2020
Effect of Mathematical Concept Understanding and Mathematical Reasoning on Mathematical Literacy Abilities
SAA Kharis, E Salsabila, LD Haeruman
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1747 (1), 012042, 2021
Characteristics of Problems for Developing Higher Order Thinking Skills in Mathematics Learning
M Makmuri, TA Aziz, SAA Kharis
The 1st South East Asia-Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics …, 2020
Development of instruments to Measure High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) base Contextual of High School Students on Trigonometry Materials
SAA Kharis
MISEIC 2020, 2020
Analysis of normality of quotient subgroups on matrices integers modulo prime
I Hadi, SAA Kharis
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1402 (7), 077101, 2019
Analysis of Mathematic Literation from Students Metacognition in Conic Section Materials
SAA Kharis, E Salsabila, W Rahayu, A Putri
MISEIC 2019, 2019
Multiclass classification on brain cancer with multiple support vector machine and feature selection based on kernel function
Z Rustam, SAA Kharis
AIP Conference Proceedings 2023 (1), 020233, 2018
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