Bart Koelmans
Bart Koelmans
Professor of Water and Sediment Quality, Wageningen University
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Extensive sorption of organic compounds to black carbon, coal, and kerogen in sediments and soils: mechanisms and consequences for distribution, bioaccumulation, and biodegradation
G Cornelissen, ÷ Gustafsson, TD Bucheli, MTO Jonker, AA Koelmans, ...
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Sorption of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and polychlorinated biphenyls to soot and soot-like materials in the aqueous environment: mechanistic considerations
MTO Jonker, AA Koelmans
Environmental science & technology 36 (17), 3725-3734, 2002
Black carbon: the reverse of its dark side
AA Koelmans, MTO Jonker, G Cornelissen, TD Bucheli, PCM Van Noort, ...
Chemosphere 63 (3), 365-377, 2006
Potential scenarios for nanomaterial release and subsequent alteration in the environment
B Nowack, JF Ranville, S Diamond, JA Gallego‐Urrea, C Metcalfe, J Rose, ...
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31 (1), 50-59, 2012
Analysis of engineered nanomaterials in complex matrices (environment and biota): general considerations and conceptual case studies
F Von der Kammer, PL Ferguson, PA Holden, A Masion, KR Rogers, ...
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Effects of microplastic on fitness and PCB bioaccumulation by the lugworm Arenicola marina (L.)
E Besseling, A Wegner, EM Foekema, MJ Van Den Heuvel-Greve, ...
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Plastic in north sea fish
EM Foekema, C De Gruijter, MT Mergia, JA van Franeker, ATJ Murk, ...
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Polyoxymethylene solid phase extraction as a partitioning method for hydrophobic organic chemicals in sediment and soot
MTO Jonker, AA Koelmans
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Ecotoxicity test methods for engineered nanomaterials: practical experiences and recommendations from the bench
RD Handy, G Cornelis, T Fernandes, O Tsyusko, A Decho, ...
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Microplastic as a vector for chemicals in the aquatic environment: critical review and model-supported reinterpretation of empirical studies
AA Koelmans, A Bakir, GA Burton, CR Janssen
Environmental Science & Technology 50 (7), 3315-3326, 2016
Paradigms to assess the environmental impact of manufactured nanomaterials
SJ Klaine, AA Koelmans, N Horne, S Carley, RD Handy, L Kapustka, ...
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31 (1), 3-14, 2012
Extraction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from soot and sediment: solvent evaluation and implications for sorption mechanism
MTO Jonker, AA Koelmans
Environmental science & technology 36 (19), 4107-4113, 2002
Nanoplastic affects growth of S. obliquus and reproduction of D. magna
E Besseling, B Wang, M Lürling, AA Koelmans
Environmental science & technology 48 (20), 12336-12343, 2014
Effects of nanopolystyrene on the feeding behavior of the blue mussel (Mytilus edulis L.)
A Wegner, E Besseling, EM Foekema, P Kamermans, AA Koelmans
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31 (11), 2490-2497, 2012
Integrated modelling of eutrophication and organic contaminant fate & effects in aquatic ecosystems. A review
AA Koelmans, A Van der Heijde, LM Knijff, RH Aalderink
Water Research 35 (15), 3517-3536, 2001
Plastic as a carrier of POPs to aquatic organisms: a model analysis
AA Koelmans, E Besseling, A Wegner, EM Foekema
Environmental science & technology 47 (14), 7812-7820, 2013
Strong sorption of PCBs to nanoplastics, microplastics, carbon nanotubes, and fullerenes
I Velzeboer, C Kwadijk, AA Koelmans
Environmental science & technology 48 (9), 4869-4876, 2014
Distribution of perfluorinated compounds in aquatic systems in The Netherlands
C Kwadijk, P Korytar, AA Koelmans
Environmental science & technology 44 (10), 3746-3751, 2010
Leaching of plastic additives to marine organisms
AA Koelmans, E Besseling, EM Foekema
Environmental Pollution 187, 49-54, 2014
Nanoplastics in the aquatic environment. Critical review
AA Koelmans, E Besseling, WJ Shim
Marine anthropogenic litter, 325-340, 2015
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