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Anemia and iron homeostasis in a cohort of HIV-infected patients in Indonesia
R Wisaksana, R Sumantri, AR Indrati, A Zwitser, H Jusuf, Q de Mast, ...
BMC infectious diseases 11 (1), 213, 2011
The effect of HIV infection on adult meningitis in Indonesia: a prospective cohort study
AR Ganiem, I Parwati, R Wisaksana, A van der Zanden, D van de Beek, ...
Aids 23 (17), 2309-2316, 2009
Response to first‐line antiretroviral treatment among human immunodeficiency virus‐infected patients with and without a history of injecting drug use in Indonesia
R Wisaksana, AK Indrati, A Fibriani, E Rogayah, P Sudjana, ...
Addiction 105 (6), 1055-1061, 2010
Integration of methadone maintenance treatment and HIV care for injecting drug users: a cohort study in Bandung, Indonesia
YM Achmad, AN Istiqomah, S Iskandar, R Wisaksana, R van Crevel, ...
Acta Med Indones 41 (Suppl 1), 23-7, 2009
Asymptomatic cryptococcal antigenemia is associated with mortality among HIV‐positive patients in Indonesia
AR Ganiem, AR Indrati, R Wisaksana, H Meijerink, A van der Ven, ...
Journal of the International AIDS Society 17 (1), 18821, 2014
Cerebral toxoplasmosis mimicking subacute meningitis in HIV-infected patients; a cohort study from Indonesia
AR Ganiem, S Dian, A Indriati, L Chaidir, R Wisaksana, P Sturm, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 7 (1), e1994, 2013
Challenges in delivering HIV-care in Indonesia: experience from a referral hospital
R Wisaksana, B Alisjahbana, R van Crevel, N Kesumah, P Sudjana, ...
Acta Med Indones 41 (Suppl 1), 45-51, 2009
Injecting drug use is associated with a more rapid CD4 cell decline among treatment na´ve HIV‐positive patients in Indonesia
H Meijerink, R Wisaksana, S Iskandar, M den Heijer, AJAM van der Ven, ...
Journal of the International AIDS Society 17 (1), 18844, 2014
Costs and outcomes of VCT delivery models in the context of scaling up services in Indonesia
AYM Siregar, D Komarudin, R Wisaksana, R van Crevel, R Baltussen
Tropical Medicine & International Health 16 (2), 193-199, 2011
Inverse relationship of serum hepcidin levels with CD4 cell counts in HIV-infected patients selected from an Indonesian prospective cohort study
R Wisaksana, Q de Mast, B Alisjahbana, H Jusuf, P Sudjana, AR Indrati, ...
PLoS One 8 (11), e79904, 2013
Women with HIV in Indonesia: are they bridging a concentrated epidemic to the wider community?
A Rahmalia, R Wisaksana, H Meijerink, AR Indrati, B Alisjahbana, ...
BMC research notes 8 (1), 757, 2015
Decreased plasma levels of the endothelial protective sphingosine-1-phosphate are associated with dengue-induced plasma leakage
M Michels, L Japtok, B Alisjahbana, R Wisaksana, U Sumardi, M Puspita, ...
Journal of Infection 71 (4), 480-487, 2015
Virological failure and drug resistance during first line anti‐retroviral treatment in Indonesia
A Fibriani, R Wisaksana, A Indrati, Y Hartantri, D van de Vijver, ...
Journal of medical virology 85 (8), 1394-1401, 2013
The cascade of HIV care among key populations in Indonesia: a prospective cohort study
PP Januraga, J Reekie, T Mulyani, BW Lestari, S Iskandar, R Wisaksana, ...
The Lancet HIV 5 (10), e560-e568, 2018
Normal free interleukin-18 (IL-18) plasma levels in dengue virus infection and the need to measure both total IL-18 and IL-18 binding protein levels
M Michels, Q de Mast, MG Netea, LA Joosten, CA Dinarello, PIF Rudiman, ...
Clin. Vaccine Immunol. 22 (6), 650-655, 2015
Total lymphocyte count is a good marker for HIV‐related mortality and can be used as a tool for starting HIV treatment in a resource‐limited setting
HPW Oudenhoven, H Meijerink, R Wisaksana, S Oetojo, A Indrati, ...
Tropical Medicine & International Health 16 (11), 1372-1379, 2011
Costs of HIV/AIDS treatment in Indonesia by time of treatment and stage of disease
AYM Siregar, N Tromp, D Komarudin, R Wisaksana, R van Crevel, ...
BMC health services research 15 (1), 440, 2015
Heroin use in Indonesia is associated with higher expression of CCR5 on CD4+ cells and lower ex-vivo production of CCR5 ligands
H Meijerink, AR Indrati, S Soedarmo, F Utami, CAJ de Jong, ...
Aids 29 (3), 385-388, 2015
Active and latent tuberculosis among HIV‐positive injecting drug users in Indonesia
H Meijerink, R Wisaksana, M Lestari, I Meilana, L Chaidir, ...
Journal of the International AIDS Society 18 (1), 19317, 2015
Total lymphocyte count is a reliable surrogate marker for CD4 cell counts after the first year of antiretroviral therapy: data from an Indonesian cohort study
MA de Jong, R Wisaksana, H Meijerink, A Indrati, AJAM van de Ven, ...
Tropical Medicine & International Health 17 (5), 581-583, 2012
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