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The X‐ray fluorescence microscopy beamline at the Australian synchrotron
D Paterson, MD De Jonge, DL Howard, W Lewis, J McKinlay, A Starritt, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1365 (1), 219-222, 2011
Elemental X-ray imaging using the Maia detector array: The benefits and challenges of large solid-angle
CG Ryan, R Kirkham, RM Hough, G Moorhead, DP Siddons, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2010
The Maia spectroscopy detector system: engineering for integrated pulse capture, low‐latency scanning and real‐time processing
R Kirkham, PA Dunn, AJ Kuczewski, DP Siddons, R Dodanwela, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1234 (1), 240-243, 2010
Quantitative 3D elemental microtomography of Cyclotella meneghiniana at 400-nm resolution
MD De Jonge, C Holzner, SB Baines, BS Twining, K Ignatyev, J Diaz, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (36), 15676-15680, 2010
Weak intramolecular interactions in ethylene glycol identified by vapor phase OH− stretching overtone spectroscopy
DL Howard, P Jørgensen, HG Kjaergaard
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (48), 17096-17103, 2005
Megapixel imaging of (micro) nutrients in mature barley grains
E Lombi, E Smith, TH Hansen, D Paterson, MD De Jonge, DL Howard, ...
Journal of experimental botany 62 (1), 273-282, 2010
In Situ Distribution and Speciation of Toxic Copper, Nickel, and Zinc in Hydrated Roots of Cowpea
PM Kopittke, NW Menzies, MD de Jonge, BA McKenna, E Donner, ...
Plant Physiology 156 (2), 663, 2011
Complexes of importance to the absorption of solar radiation
HG Kjaergaard, TW Robinson, DL Howard, JS Daniel, JE Headrick, ...
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Maia X-ray fluorescence imaging: Capturing detail in complex natural samples
CG Ryan, DP Siddons, R Kirkham, ZY Li, MD De Jonge, DJ Paterson, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 499 (1), 012002, 2014
The new Maia detector system: methods for high definition trace element imaging of natural material
CG Ryan, DP Siddons, R Kirkham, PA Dunn, A Kuczewski, G Moorhead, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1221 (1), 9-17, 2010
Influence of intramolecular hydrogen bond strength on OH-stretching overtones
DL Howard, HG Kjaergaard
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 110 (34), 10245-10250, 2006
Calculated OH-Stretching Vibrational Transitions in the Water− Nitrogen and Water− Oxygen Complexes
HG Kjaergaard, GR Low, TW Robinson, DL Howard
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 106 (38), 8955-8962, 2002
Hydrogen bonding to divalent sulfur
DL Howard, HG Kjaergaard
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 10 (28), 4113-4118, 2008
Quantification of ZnO nanoparticle uptake, distribution, and dissolution within individual human macrophages
SA James, BN Feltis, MD de Jonge, M Sridhar, JA Kimpton, M Altissimo, ...
ACS nano 7 (12), 10621-10635, 2013
Fast X-ray fluorescence microtomography of hydrated biological samples
E Lombi, MD de Jonge, E Donner, PM Kopittke, DL Howard, R Kirkham, ...
PloS one 6 (6), e20626, 2011
OH-and CH-stretching overtone spectra of catechol
HG Kjaergaard, DL Howard, DP Schofield, TW Robinson, S Ishiuchi, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 106 (2), 258-266, 2002
X-ray absorption and micro X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy investigation of copper and zinc speciation in biosolids
E Donner, DL Howard, MD Jonge, D Paterson, MH Cheah, R Naidu, ...
Environmental science & technology 45 (17), 7249-7257, 2011
Metabolism of selenite in human lung cancer cells: X-ray absorption and fluorescence studies
CM Weekley, JB Aitken, S Vogt, LA Finney, DJ Paterson, MD de Jonge, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2011
High-definition X-ray fluorescence elemental mapping of paintings
DL Howard, MD de Jonge, D Lau, D Hay, M Varcoe-Cocks, CG Ryan, ...
Analytical chemistry 84 (7), 3278-3286, 2012
Vapor phase near infrared spectroscopy of the hydrogen bonded methanol− trimethylamine complex
DL Howard, HG Kjaergaard
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 110 (31), 9597-9601, 2006
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