Sri Redjeki Pudjaprasetya
Sri Redjeki Pudjaprasetya
Professor, Mathematics ITB
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Momentum conservative schemes for shallow water flows
SR Pudjaprasetya, I Magdalena
East Asian Journal on Applied Mathematics 4 (2), 152-165, 2014
Uni-directional waves over slowly varying bottom. Part I: Derivation of a KdV-type of equation
E Van Groesen, SR Pudjaprasetya
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Staggered momentum conservative scheme for radial dam break simulation
I Magdalena, N Erwina, SR Pudjaprasetya
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Staggered scheme for the exner–shallow water equations
PH Gunawan, R Eymard, SR Pudjaprasetya
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RHJ Grimshaw, SR Pudjaprasetya
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Unidirectional waves over slowly varying bottom Part II. Quasi-homogeneous approximation of distorting waves
SR Pudjaprasetya, E Van Groesen
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Wave interaction with an emerged porous media
I Magdalena, SR Pudjaprasetya, LH Wiryanto
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Momentum conservative scheme for dam break and wave run up simulations
SR Pudjaprasetya, I Magdalena
East Asian J. Appl. Math 4 (2), 152-165, 2014
Godunov method for Stefan problems with enthalpy formulations
D Tarwidi, SR Pudjaprasetya
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The splitting of solitary waves running over a shallower water
SR Pudjaprasetya, E Van Groesen, E Soewono
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A staggered method for the shallow water equations involving varying channel width and topography
S Mungkasi, I Magdalena, SR Pudjaprasetya, LH Wiryanto, SG Roberts
International Journal for Multiscale Computational Engineering 16 (3), 2018
An optimal dimension of submerged parallel bars as a wave reflector
SR Pudjaprasetya
INA-Rxiv, 2008
Modeling of wave run-up by using staggered grid scheme implementation in 1D Boussinesq model
D Adytia, SR Pudjaprasetya, D Tarwidi
Computational Geosciences 23 (4), 793-811, 2019
Wave energy dissipation over porous media
SR Pudjaprasetya, I Magdalena
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Transport Phenomena, equations and numerical methods
SR Pudjaprasetya
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D Adytia, D Tarwidi, SA Kifli, SR Pudjaprasetya
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 971 (1), 012020, 2018
A nonhydrostatic two-layer staggered scheme for transient waves due to anti-symmetric seabed thrust
SR Pudjaprasetya, I Magdalena, SS Tjandra
Journal of Earthquake and Tsunami 11 (01), 1740002, 2017
Hamiltonian formulation for solitary waves propagating on a variable background
R Grimshaw, SR Pudjaprasetya
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Uni-directional waves over slowly varying bottom
SR Pudjaprasetya, E van Groesen
Part II: Quasistatic approximation of distorting waves, submitted to Wave Motion, 1996
A momentum-conserving scheme for flow simulation in 1D channel with obstacle and contraction
PV Swastika, SR Pudjaprasetya, LH Wiryanto, RN Hadiarti
Fluids 6 (1), 26, 2021
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