Mohamad Ali Fulazzaky
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A review of self-healing concrete research development
A Talaiekhozan, A Keyvanfar, A Shafaghat, R Andalib, MZ Abd Majid, ...
Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques 2 (1), 1-11, 2014
Challenges of integrated water resources management in Indonesia
MA Fulazzaky
Water 6 (7), 2000-2020, 2014
Application of the kinetic and isotherm models for better understanding of the behaviors of silver nanoparticles adsorption onto different adsorbents
A Syafiuddin, S Salmiati, J Jonbi, MA Fulazzaky
Journal of environmental management 218, 59-70, 2018
Assessment of water quality status for the Selangor River in Malaysia
MA Fulazzaky, TW Seong, MIM Masirin
Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 205, 63-77, 2010
Determining the resistance of mass transfer for adsorption of the surfactants onto granular activated carbons from hydrodynamic column
MA Fulazzaky
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Water quality evaluation system to assess the status and the suitability of the Citarum river water to different uses
MA Fulazzaky
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 168, 669-684, 2010
Understanding of mass transfer resistance for the adsorption of solute onto porous material from the modified mass transfer factor models
MA Fulazzaky, MH Khamidun, R Omar
Chemical Engineering Journal 228, 1023-1029, 2013
Water quality evaluation system to assess the Brantas River water
MA Fulazzaky
Water Resources Management 23, 3019-3033, 2009
Decolorization kinetics and mass transfer mechanisms of Remazol Brilliant Blue R dye mediated by different fungi
A Syafiuddin, MA Fulazzaky
Biotechnology Reports 29, e00573, 2021
Application of Proteus mirabilis and Proteus vulgaris mixture to design self-healing concrete
A Talaiekhozani, A Keyvanfar, R Andalib, M Samadi, A Shafaghat, ...
Desalination and Water Treatment 52 (19-21), 3623-3630, 2014
Biofiltration process as an ideal approach to remove pollutants from polluted air
MA Fulazzaky, A Talaiekhozani, M Ponraj, MZ Abd Majid, T Hadibarata, ...
Desalination and Water Treatment 52 (19-21), 3600-3615, 2014
Silver nanoparticles adsorption by the synthetic and natural adsorbent materials: an exclusive review
A Syafiuddin, MA Fulazzaky, S Salmiati, ABH Kueh, M Fulazzaky, ...
Nanotechnology for Environmental Engineering 5, 1-18, 2020
Conditioning the alternating aerobic–anoxic process to enhance the removal of inorganic nitrogen pollution from a municipal wastewater in France
MA Fulazzaky, NH Abdullah, ARM Yusoff, E Paul
Journal of Cleaner Production 100, 195-201, 2015
Adsorption of phosphate from domestic wastewater treatment plant effluent onto the laterites in a hydrodynamic column
MA Fulazzaky, MH Khamidun, MFM Din, ARM Yusoff
Chemical Engineering Journal 258, 10-17, 2014
Combination of TiO2 microreactor and electroflotation for organic pollutant removal from textile dyeing industry wastewater
A Talaiekhozani, MR Mosayebi, MA Fulazzaky, Z Eskandari, R Sanayee
Alexandria Engineering Journal 59 (2), 549-563, 2020
Precipitation of iron-hydroxy-phosphate of added ferric iron from domestic wastewater by an alternating aerobic–anoxic process
MA Fulazzaky, NAA Salim, NH Abdullah, ARM Yusoff, E Paul
Chemical Engineering Journal 253, 291-297, 2014
Mass transfer kinetics of Cd (II) ions adsorption by titania polyvinylalcohol-alginate beads from aqueous solution
MA Fulazzaky, Z Majidnia, A Idris
Chemical Engineering Journal 308, 700-709, 2017
The influence of rain intensity on raindrop diameter and the kinetics of tropical rainfall: case study of Skudai, Malaysia
ML Yakubu, Z Yusop, MA Fulazzaky
Hydrological Sciences Journal 61 (5), 944-951, 2016
Removal of oil and grease contamination from stream water using the granular activated carbon block filter
MA Fulazzaky, R Omar
Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy 14, 965-971, 2012
Analysis of global and sequential mass transfers for the adsorption of atrazine and simazine onto granular activated carbons from a hydrodynamic column
MA Fulazzaky
Analytical Methods 4 (8), 2396-2403, 2012
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