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Evgeny Tsymbal
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Tunneling across a ferroelectric
EY Tsymbal, H Kohlstedt
Science 313, 181, 2006
Spin-dependent tunnelling in magnetic tunnel junctions
EY Tsymbal, ON Mryasov, PR LeClair
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 15 (4), R109, 2003
Predicted magnetoelectric effect in Fe/BaTiO3 multilayers: ferroelectric control of magnetism
CG Duan, SS Jaswal, EY Tsymbal
Physical Review Letters 97 (4), 047201, 2006
Surface magnetoelectric effect in ferromagnetic metal films
CG Duan, JP Velev, RF Sabirianov, Z Zhu, J Chu, SS Jaswal, EY Tsymbal
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Giant electroresistance in ferroelectric tunnel junctions
MY Zhuravlev, RF Sabirianov, SS Jaswal, EY Tsymbal
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Magnetic nanoparticles: recent advances in synthesis, self-assembly and applications
S Singamaneni, VN Bliznyuk, C Binek, EY Tsymbal
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Perspectives of giant magnetoresistance
EY Tsymbal, DG Pettifor
Solid State Physics 56, 113 – 237, 2001
Ferroelectric control of magnetism in BaTiO3∕Fe heterostructures via interface strain coupling
S Sahoo, S Polisetty, CG Duan, SS Jaswal, EY Tsymbal, C Binek
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Suppression of octahedral tilts and associated changes in electronic properties at epitaxial oxide heterostructure interfaces
AY Borisevich, HJ Chang, M Huijben, MP Oxley, S Okamoto, MK Niranjan, ...
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MK Niranjan, CG Duan, SS Jaswal, EY Tsymbal
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JP Velev, CG Duan, JD Burton, A Smogunov, MK Niranjan, E Tosatti, ...
Nano Letters 9 (1), 427-432, 2008
Enhanced tunnelling electroresistance effect due to a ferroelectrically induced phase transition at a magnetic complex oxide interface
YW Yin, JD Burton, YM Kim, AY Borisevich, SJ Pennycook, SM Yang, ...
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Ferroelectric tunnel memristor
DJ Kim, H Lu, S Ryu, CW Bark, CB Eom, EY Tsymbal, A Gruverman
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Handbook of Spin Transport and Magnetism
E EY Tsymbal and I Zutic
CRC press, 2011
Tailoring a two-dimensional electron gas at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 (001) interface by epitaxial strain
CW Bark, DA Felker, Y Wang, Y Zhang, HW Jang, CM Folkman, JW Park, ...
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Metallic and insulating oxide interfaces controlled by electronic correlations
HW Jang, DA Felker, CW Bark, Y Wang, MK Niranjan, CT Nelson, ...
Science 331 (6019), 886-889, 2011
Prediction of electrically induced magnetic reconstruction at the manganite/ferroelectric interface
JD Burton, EY Tsymbal
Physical Review B 80 (17), 174406, 2009
Multi-ferroic and magnetoelectric materials and interfaces
JP Velev, SS Jaswal, EY Tsymbal
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2011
Emergence of room-temperature ferroelectricity at reduced dimensions
D Lee, H Lu, Y Gu, SY Choi, SD Li, S Ryu, TR Paudel, K Song, E Mikheev, ...
Science 349 (6254), 1314-1317, 2015
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