Prof. Dr. Kuwat Triyana
Prof. Dr. Kuwat Triyana
Associate Professor, Universitas Gadjah Mada
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Differentiation of lard and other animal fats based on triacylglycerols composition and principal component analysis.
A Rohman, K Triyana, Y Erwanto
International Food Research Journal 19 (2), 2012
Analysis of lard in meatball broth using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics
E Kurniawati, A Rohman, K Triyana
Meat Science 96 (1), 94-98, 2014
Tandem-type organic solar cells by stacking different heterojunction materials
K Triyana, T Yasuda, K Fujita, T Tsutsui
Thin Solid Films 477 (1-2), 198-202, 2005
Effects of different materials used for internal floating electrode on the photovoltaic properties of tandem type organic solar cell
K Triyana, T Yasuda, K Fujita, T Tsutsui
Japanese journal of applied physics 43 (4S), 2352, 2004
An Improvement of New Test Method for Determination of Vegetable Oil Quality Based on Electrooptics Parameter
KS Firdausi, K Triyana, AI Susan
Berkala Fisika 15 (3), 77-86, 2012
Solvent vapor treatment improves mechanical strength of electrospun polyvinyl alcohol nanofibers
A Rianjanu, A Kusumaatmaja, EA Suyono, K Triyana
Heliyon 4 (4), e00592, 2018
Differentiation of bovine and porcine gelatins in soft candy based on amino acid profiles and chemometrics
MA Raraswati, K Triyana, A Rohman
Journal of Food and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2 (1), 2014
Effect of temperature on the oxidation of Cu nanowires and development of an easy to produce, oxidation-resistant transparent conducting electrode using a PEDOT: PSS coating
D Mardiansyah, T Badloe, K Triyana, MQ Mehmood, N Raeis-Hosseini, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-9, 2018
Polyacrylonitrile nanofiber-based quartz crystal microbalance for sensitive detection of safrole
A Rianjanu, R Roto, T Julian, SN Hidayat, A Kusumaatmaja, EA Suyono, ...
Sensors 18 (4), 1150, 2018
Differentiation between porcine and bovine gelatin in capsule shells based on amino acid profiles and principal component analysis
A Widyaninggar, K Triyana, A Rohman
Indonesian Journal of Pharmacy 23 (2), 104-109, 2012
Development of electronic nose with low-cost dynamic headspace for classifying vegetable oils and animal fats
K Triyana, M Taukhid Subekti, P Aji, S Nur Hidayat, A Rohman
Applied Mechanics and Materials 771, 50-54, 2015
Chitosan-based quartz crystal microbalance for alcohol sensing
K Triyana, A Sembiring, A Rianjanu, SN Hidayat, R Riowirawan, T Julian, ...
Electronics 7 (9), 181, 2018
Study on photocatalytic properties of TiO2 nanoparticle in various pH condition
DM Nasikhudin, A Kusumaatmaja, K Triyana
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1011 (2018), 1-7, 2018
Improvement of heterojunction donor/acceptor organic photovoltaic devices by employing additional active layer
K Triyana, T Yasuda, K Fujita, T Tsutsui
Japanese journal of applied physics 44 (4R), 1974, 2005
Classification of Indonesia black teas based on quality by using electronic nose and principal component analysis
D Lelono, K Triyana, S Hartati, JE Istiyanto
AIP Conference Proceedings 1755 (1), 020003, 2016
Electrical conductivity improvement of polyvinyl alcohol nanofiber by solvent vapour treatment
A Rianjanu, B Winardianto, M Munir, I Kartini, K Triyana
International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information …, 2016
Effect of Temperature on Silver Nanorods Synthesized by Polyol Method
K Triyana, H Sosiati, E Suharyadi
Advanced Materials Research 1123, 256-259, 2015
Preparation of PVA/TiO2 Composites Nanofibers by using Electrospinning Method for Photocatalytic Degradation
EP Ismaya, M Diantoro, A Kusumaatmaja, K Triyana
Materials Science and Engineering Conference Series 202 (1), 012011, 2017
Electrospun nanofibers based on polyvinyl alcohol/chitosan and its stability in KOH solution
K Triyana, MS Mu’min, K Faizah, Y Yusuf, A Kusumaatmaja
Materials Science Forum 827, 321-325, 2015
Detection of taste change of bovine and goat milk in room ambient using electronic tongue
I Tazi, A Choiriyah, D Siswanta, K Triyana
Indonesian Journal of Chemistry 17 (3), 422-430, 2017
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