Sten Claessens
Sten Claessens
Senior lecturer, Curtin University
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New ultrahigh‐resolution picture of Earth's gravity field
C Hirt, S Claessens, T Fecher, M Kuhn, R Pail, M Rexer
Geophysical research letters 40 (16), 4279-4283, 2013
The AUSGeoid09 model of the Australian height datum
WE Featherstone, JF Kirby, C Hirt, MS Filmer, SJ Claessens, NJ Brown, ...
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Kilometer-resolution gravity field of Mars: MGM2011
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Ellipsoidal topographic potential: new solutions for spectral forward gravity modeling of topography with respect to a reference ellipsoid
SJ Claessens, C Hirt
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Solutions to ellipsoidal boundary value problems for gravity field modelling
S Claessens
Curtin University, 2006
Experiences with point-mass gravity field modelling in the Perth region, Western Australia
S Claessens, W Featherstone
Geomatics Research Australasia 75, 53-86, 2001
Study of the Earth׳ s short-scale gravity field using the ERTM2160 gravity model
C Hirt, M Kuhn, S Claessens, R Pail, K Seitz, T Gruber
Computers & Geosciences 73, 71-80, 2014
Is Australian data really validating EGM2008, or is EGM2008 just in/validating Australian data?
SJ Claessens, WE Featherstone, IM Anjasmara
Gravity, Geoid and Earth Observation, 473-479, 2010
Layer-based modelling of the Earth’s gravitational potential up to 10-km scale in spherical harmonics in spherical and ellipsoidal approximation
M Rexer, C Hirt, S Claessens, R Tenzer
Surveys in Geophysics 37 (6), 1035-1074, 2016
A synthetic Earth gravity model designed specifically for testing regional gravimetric geoid determination algorithms
I Baran, M Kuhn, SJ Claessens, WE Featherstone, SA Holmes, P Vaníček
Journal of Geodesy 80 (1), 1-16, 2006
A synthetic Earth model analysis, implementation, validation and application
SJ Claessens
MSc. thesis, Delft University of Technology, 2002
A synthetic Earth model analysis, implementation, validation and application
SJ Claessens
MSc. thesis, Delft University of Technology, 2002
On the accurate numerical evaluation of geodetic convolution integrals
C Hirt, WE Featherstone, SJ Claessens
Journal of Geodesy 85 (8), 519-538, 2011
The NZGEOID09 model of New Zealand
SJ Claessens, C Hirt, MJ Amos, WE Featherstone, JF Kirby
Survey Review 43 (319), 2-15, 2011
A new degree-2190 (10 km resolution) gravity field model for Antarctica developed from GRACE, GOCE and Bedmap2 data
C Hirt, M Rexer, M Scheinert, R Pail, S Claessens, S Holmes
Journal of Geodesy 90 (2), 105-127, 2016
The first Australian gravimetric quasigeoid model with location-specific uncertainty estimates
WE Featherstone, JC McCubbine, NJ Brown, SJ Claessens, MS Filmer, ...
Journal of Geodesy 92 (2), 149-168, 2018
New relations among associated Legendre functions and spherical harmonics
SJ Claessens
Journal of Geodesy 79 (6-7), 398-406, 2005
Procrustean solution of the 9-parameter transformation problem
JL Awange, KH Bae, SJ Claessens
Earth, planets and space 60 (6), 529-537, 2008
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