Marjan Zadnik
Marjan Zadnik
Professor of Physics, The University of Western Australia
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Introductory thermal concept evaluation: Assessing students' understanding
S Yeo, M Zadnik
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The Zadko telescope: a southern hemisphere telescope for optical transient searches, multi-messenger astronomy and education
DM Coward, M Todd, TP Vaalsta, M Laas-Bourez, A Klotz, A Imerito, ...
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University and workplace cultures: their impact on the development of lifelong learners
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Evaluation of students’ understanding of thermal concepts in everyday contexts
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An inquiry-based approach to laboratory experiences: Investigating students' ways of active learning
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A narrow-band search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) using the interstellar contact channel hypothesis
DG Blair, RP Norris, ER Troup, R Twardy, KJ Wellington, AJ Williams, ...
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Newton, we have a problem...
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Teaching Einsteinian physics at schools: part 1, models and analogies for relativity
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Quantitative Powder X‐ray Diffractometry Phase Analysis of Silicon Nitride Materials by a Multiline, Mean‐Normalized‐Intensity Method
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Radiogenic neon in an Archaean anorthosite
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An exploratory study to investigate the impact of an enrichment program on aspects of Einsteinian physics on year 6 students
M Pitts, G Venville, D Blair, M Zadnik
Research in Science Education 44 (3), 363-388, 2014
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