Dr. M. Ridha
Dr. M. Ridha
Senior Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering - Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh INDONESIA
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Boundary element simulation for identification of steel corrosion in concrete using magnetic field measurement
M Ridha, K Amaya, S Aoki
Corrosion 61 (8), 784-791, 2005
Multistep genetic algorithm for detecting corrosion of reinforcing steels in concrete
M Ridha, K Amaya, S Aoki
Corrosion 57 (9), 794-801, 2001
Performance of lifelines in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, during the December 2004 Great Sumatra earthquake and tsunami
C Scawthorn, Y Ono, H Iemura, M Ridha, B Purwanto
Earthquake spectra 22 (S3), 511-544, 2006
Finite Element Modeling of Delamination Process on Composite Laminate Using Cohesive Element
S Huzni, I M., S T., M Ridha, AK Ariffin
International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering 7, 1024-1031, 2013
Fatique Life Prediction of Commercially Pure Titanium After Nitrogent Ions Implantation
N Ali, MS Mustafa, MI Ghazali, T Sujitno, M Ridha
International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering 7, 1007-1014, 2013
Inverse analysis using particle swarm optimization for detecting corrosion profile of rebar in concrete structure
S Fonna, S Huzni, M Ridha, AK Ariffin
Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 37 (3), 585-593, 2013
Atmospheric Corrosion of Structural Steels Exposed Into The 2004 Tsunami Affected Areas in Aceh
M Ridha, S Fonna, S Huzni, J Supardi, AK Ariffin
International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering (IJAME) 7 …, 2013
Corrosion Risk Assessment of Public Building Affected by the 2004 Tsunami in Banda Aceh
M Ridha, S Fonna, S Huzni, AK Ariffin
Journal of Earthquake and Tsunami 7 (01), 1350004-(1-22), 2013
Improvement of AC Impedance Method for Monitoring Corrosion of Rebar in Concrete Structure by Boundary Element Inverse Analysis
M Ridha, K Amaya, S Aoki
Corrosion Engineering 48 (10), 873-882, 1999
Assessment of fatigue and corrosion fatigue behaviours of the nitrogen ion implanted CpTi
N Ali, MA Fulazzaky, MS Mustapa, MI Ghazali, M Ridha, T Sujitno
International Journal of Fatigue 61, 184-190, 2014
Surface Modification of Pure Titanium by Nitrogen Ion Implantation at Different Beam Energy and Dose
N Ali, H Samekto, MI Ghazali, M Ridha
Key Engineering Materials 462, 750-755, 2011
Sound the Alarm—Death Approaches (Suarakan Genderang—Maut Menyerang): The Tsunami Early Warning System in Indonesia
S Rice, D Trafimow, A Rahmania, D Keller, G Hunt, K Taruc, ...
The International Journal of Technology, Knowlegde and Society 6 (4), 13-26, 2010
Inverse Analysis Methods for Identifying Corrosion of Reinforced Concrete Using Boundary Element Method
M Ridha
Doctoral Thesis, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2002
Effectiveness of Dissemination and Communication Element of Tsunami Early Warning System in Aceh
RS Oktari, K Munadi, M Ridha
Procedia Economics and Finance 18, 136-142, 2014
Boundary Element Inverse Analysis by Using Particle Swarm Optimization for Reinforced Concrete Corrosion Identification
S Fonna, M Ridha, S Huzni, I Israr, AK Ariffin
Advanced Materials Research 339, 171-175, 2011
The Evaluation of Cathodic Protection System Design by Using Boundary Element Method
M Ridha, M Safuadi, S Huzni, Israr, AK Ariffin, AR Daud
Advanced Materials Research 339, 642-647, 2011
Corrosion Patern Detection by Multi-Step Genetic Algorithm
Inverse problems in engineering mechanics IV, 213-219, 2003
Infinite Boundary Element Formulation for the Analysis of CP System for Submersible Pump
M Safuadi, S Fonna, M Ridha, AK Ariffin, AR Daud
Applied Mechanics and Materials 471, 313-318, 2014
Pre and Post Processing for Boundary Element Method (BEM) 3D Reinforced Concrete Corrosion Simulation
S Fonna, M Ridha, S Huzni, AK Ariffin
Key Engineering Materials 462, 230-235, 2011
Investigation into Piston-Slap Force under Friction and Connecting Rod Effects of Diesel Engine
FN Balia, M Ridha, S Mahzan, AAB Wahab
International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information …, 2011
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