Chee Yen (Bruce) Leow
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An overview of Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics in agriculture: Benefits and challenges
O Elijah, TA Rahman, I Orikumhi, CY Leow, MHDN Hindia
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 5 (5), 3758-3773, 2018
A comprehensive survey of pilot contamination in massive MIMO—5G system
O Elijah, CY Leow, TA Rahman, S Nunoo, SZ Iliya
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 18 (2), 905-923, 2015
Non-orthogonal multiple access for unmanned aerial vehicle assisted communication
MF Sohail, CY Leow, S Won
IEEE Access 6, 22716-22727, 2018
Distributed and collaborative beamforming in wireless sensor networks: Classifications, trends, and research directions
S Jayaprakasam, SKA Rahim, CY Leow
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 19 (4), 2092-2116, 2017
Beamforming in wireless energy harvesting communications systems: A survey
Y Alsaba, SKA Rahim, CY Leow
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 20 (2), 1329-1360, 2018
On the study of analogue network coding for multi-pair, bidirectional relay channels
CY Leow, Z Ding, KK Leung, DL Goeckel
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 10 (2), 670-681, 2010
Full-duplex cooperative non-orthogonal multiple access with beamforming and energy harvesting
Y Alsaba, CY Leow, SKA Rahim
IEEE Access 6, 19726-19738, 2018
PSOGSA-Explore: A new hybrid metaheuristic approach for beampattern optimization in collaborative beamforming
S Jayaprakasam, SKA Rahim, CY Leow
Applied Soft Computing 30, 229-237, 2015
Multiobjective beampattern optimization in collaborative beamforming via NSGA-II with selective distance
S Jayaprakasam, SKA Rahim, CY Leow, TO Ting, AA Eteng
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 65 (5), 2348-2357, 2017
Joint beamforming and power management for nonregenerative MIMO two-way relaying channels
CY Leow, Z Ding, KK Leung
IEEE transactions on vehicular technology 60 (9), 4374-4383, 2011
Successive user relaying in cooperative NOMA system
QY Liau, CY Leow
IEEE Wireless Communications Letters 8 (3), 921-924, 2019
Feasibility study of LTE signal as a new illuminators of opportunity for passive radar applications
AA Salah, RSAR Abdullah, A Ismail, F Hashim, CY Leow, MB Roslee, ...
2013 IEEE International RF and Microwave Conference (RFM), 258-262, 2013
Energy-efficient non-orthogonal multiple access for UAV communication system
MF Sohail, CY Leow, SH Won
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 68 (11), 10834-10845, 2019
Low-power near-field magnetic wireless energy transfer links: A review of architectures and design approaches
AA Eteng, SKA Rahim, CY Leow, S Jayaprakasam, BW Chew
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 77, 486-505, 2017
Genetic algorithm based weight optimization for minimizing sidelobes in distributed random array beamforming
S Jayaprakasam, SKA Rahim, LC Yen, KR Ramanathan
2013 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 623-627, 2013
Mitigating pilot contamination in massive MIMO system—5G: An overview
O Elijah, CY Leow, AR Tharek, S Nunoo, SZ Iliya
2015 10th Asian Control Conference (ASCC), 1-6, 2015
Performance evaluation of localization accuracy for a log-normal shadow fading wireless sensor network under physical barrier attacks
A Abdulqader Hussein, TA Rahman, CY Leow
Sensors 15 (12), 30545-30570, 2015
Beampatten optimization in distributed beamforming using multiobjective and metaheuristic method
S Jayaprakasam, SKA Rahim, CY Leow, MFM Yusof
2014 IEEE Symposium on Wireless Technology and Applications (ISWTA), 86-91, 2014
Sidelobe reduction and capacity improvement of open-loop collaborative beamforming in wireless sensor networks
S Jayaprakasam, SK Abdul Rahim, CY Leow, TO Ting
PloS one 12 (5), e0175510, 2017
A pareto elite selection genetic algorithm for random antenna array beamforming with low sidelobe level
S Jayaprakasam, SKBA Rahim, CY Leow
Progress In Electromagnetics Research 51, 407-425, 2013
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