Dr. Noviar Andayani
Dr. Noviar Andayani
Department of Biology, Universitas Indonesia
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Phylogenetics of fanged frogs: testing biogeographical hypotheses at the interface of the Asian and Australian faunal zones
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EH Yuwono
[Jakarta]: WWF-Indonesia,, 2007
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Macaca nigra
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Rhinos in the parks: an island-wide survey of the last wild population of the Sumatran rhinoceros
W Pusparini, PR Sievert, TK Fuller, TO Randhir, N Andayani
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Indonesia’s protected areas need more protection: suggestions from island examples
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Biodiversity and human livelihoods in protected areas: Case studies from the …, 2007
Identifikasi dan distribusi jenis labi-labi (Famili: Trionychidae) di Sumatera Selatan
D Oktaviani, N Andayani, MD Kusrini, D Nugroho
Jurnal Penelitian Perikanan Indonesia 14 (2), 145-157, 2017
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