Hoai-Nam Tran
Hoai-Nam Tran
Duy Tan University
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Neutron noise calculations using the Analytical Nodal Method and comparisons with analytical solutions
V Larsson, C Demazičre, I Pázsit, HN Tran
Annals of Nuclear Energy 38 (4), 808-816, 2011
Microscopic calculation of the interaction cross section for stable and unstable nuclei based on the nonrelativistic nucleon-nucleon t matrix
DT Khoa, HS Than, TH Nam, M Grasso, N Van Giai
Physical Review C 69 (4), 044605, 2004
An optimal loading principle of burnable poisons for an OTTO refueling scheme in pebble bed HTGR cores
HN Tran, Y Kato
Nuclear Engineering and Design 239 (11), 2357-2364, 2009
An optimal loading principle of burnable poisons for an OTTO refueling scheme in pebble bed HTGR cores
HN Tran, Y Kato
International Conference on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants, ICAPP 2008 …, 2008
Optimization of burnable poison loading for HTGR cores with OTTO refueling
HN Tran, Y Kato, Y Muto
Nuclear Science and Engineering 158 (3), 264-271, 2008
Design optimization of a new homogeneous reactor for medical radioisotope Mo-99/Tc-99m production
PH Liem, HN Tran, TM Sembiring
Progress in Nuclear Energy 82, 191-196, 2015
Fuel burnup performance of an OTTO refueling pebble bed reactor with burnable poison loading
HN Tran
Progress in Nuclear Energy 60, 47-52, 2012
Investigation of the ex-core noise induced by fuel assembly vibrations in the Ringhals-3 PWR
HN Tran, I Pázsit, H Nylén
Annals of Nuclear Energy 80, 434-446, 2015
New 237Np Burning Strategy in a Supercritical CO2-Cooled Fast Reactor Core Attaining Zero Burnup Reactivity Loss
HN Tran, Y Kato
Nuclear science and engineering 159 (1), 83-93, 2008
On the dependence of the noise amplitude on the correlation length of inlet temperature fluctuations in PWRs
F Zylbersztejn, HN Tran, I Pázsit, C Demazičre, H Nylén
Annals of Nuclear Energy 57, 134-141, 2013
Analytical investigation of the properties of the neutron noise induced by vibrating absorber and fuel rods
A Jonsson, HN Tran, V Dykin, I Pázsit
Kerntechnik 77 (5), 371-380, 2012
Ringhals Diagnostics and Monitoring Annual Research Report 2015
V Dykin, C Montalvo, N Tran, N Henrik, I Pázsit
Chalmers University of Technology, 2015
Neutron noise calculations in hexagonal geometry and comparison with analytical solutions
HN Tran, C Demazičre
Nuclear Science and Engineering 175 (3), 340-351, 2013
Neutronic characteristics of an OTTO refueling PBMR
HN Tran, VK Hoang
Nuclear Engineering and Design 253, 269-276, 2012
Research and Development Program in Reactor Diagnostics and Monitoring with Neutron Noise Methods, Stage 18
I Pázsit, HN Tran, V Dykin, A Jonsson
Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, 2012
Characterization of a Neutron Calibration Field with 241Am−Be Source using Bonner Sphere Spectrometer
TN Le, HN Tran, QN Nguyen, G Van Trinh, KT Nguyen
Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 2017
Neutronic feasibility study of U–Th–Pa based high burnup fuel for pebble bed reactors
HN Tran, PH Liem
Progress in Nuclear Energy 80, 17-23, 2015
A multi-group neutron noise simulator for fast reactors
HN Tran, F Zylbersztejn, C Demazičre, C Jammes, P Filliatre
Annals of Nuclear Energy 62, 158-169, 2013
Neutron calibration field of a bare 252Cf source in vietnam
TN Le, HN Tran, KT Nguyen, G Van Trinh
Nuclear Engineering and Technology 49 (1), 277-284, 2017
Calculation of the Neutron Noise Induced By Periodic Deformations of A Large Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor Core
F Zylbersztejn, HN Tran, I Pázsit, P Filliatre, C Jammes
Nuclear Science and Engineering 177 (2), 203-218, 2014
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